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7/3/06 - We move the blog to http://www.chickcomics.blogspot.com, to allow reader feedback from now on. Enjoy!

6/31/06 - Got in the mood for July 4th by watching United 93, the movie about the airplane the terrorists tried to take over but were beaten back by the passengers. Watching those fanatics systematically attack New York, the Pentagon, and the Capitol was a sobering reminder what's at stake in this war-- and that it is a war, not a "criminal enforcement issue" as some Senators have suggested. The passengers that fought and died that day were the first fighters to realize what was at stake. I only hope the rest of us don't forget it. See Chick's Who Cares?

6/30/06 - Episcopalian Bishop Kate Schori goes on NPR to discuss her liberal political/ religious views with Diane Rehm. She talked about America paying for and feeding all the world's poor, gay marriage, etc. etc. Everything good works and the socialists worker's party should be about but nothing in the way of salvation through Christ. If this is the church leadership's idea of reconciliation with Bible believers, I'd hate to see what they call going off the deep end!

6/29/06 - Israel attacks Palestinian territory and blows up their power station, standing countless civilians in the heat of summer without electricty for refrigeration or AC. More attacks will follow, and more civilians casualties are expected. See Chick's Squatters

6/28/06 - Israel prepares to invade Palestinian territory in retaliation for the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier. Militants say they will exchange the prisoner if Israel releases some of the 400 Palestinian women and children they have locked in jails. Israel says they will not negotiate and instead threaten to attack. See Chick's Love The Jewish People .

The Spanish Socialists give right to life protection to apes. (They also support abortion for Humans.) See Chick's Apes, Lies and Ms. Henn

6/26/06 - The chancellor of the University of Santa Cruz jumps to her death from the 43 story San Francisco luxury apartment building of her lesbian lover. The suicide stuns the community, although she was in a controversy for questionable spending, including using her influence to secure a $190K a year job for her gay partner. See Chick's No Fear? .

6/23/06 - Bill Moyers appears on NPR's Tavis Smiley show to talk about his upcoming new series, Faith and Reason. He says he plans to attack the efforts of conservatives to "politicize religion" by using churches to get out the vote for Republicans. The irony is, he's using an African American radio program to complain about the horrors of religion and politics, when blacks depending on churches in the 1960s to preach for and promote their civil rights causes. (Remember "rev" Martin Luther King?) But Moyers didn't seem bothered by that.. See Chick's Why No Revival?

The Vice President blasts the media for revealing that the government was monitoring secret international money transfers for terrorists activity. This is the latest instance where Leftist newspapers like The New York Times and Washington Post reveal valuable anti-terrorist tactics and compromise the War on Terror, hoping to cause a controversy. Of course, these would be the first newspapers to blame the Bush Administration for not doing enough if another attack occurred. See Chick's Who Cares?

6/22/06 - The Military confirms it recently found over 500 poison gas bombs hidden in Iraq. Left leaning reporters down-play its importance however, since they are not "recent" and some had degraded in the desert heat. The fact over 500 of these things escaped detection for three years proves how easy it is to hide WMB, and you can bet there are plenty more. But neither side wants to talk about it, because it makes the Bush supporters look like they aren't finding all the WMB, and it takes away the Democrat's claim that no WMDs have been found. See Chick's Who's Missing?

The FBI arrests seven Muslims, mostly Americans, who joined Al Quada intending to fight a "holy war" against their fellow Americans. Plots included bombing the Sears building and various FBI headquarters. (Is this what they mean by "diversity is our strength"?)

6/21/06 - Political Correctness claims another victim. The International Red Cross agrees to change it's name to the "Red Crystal" in order to add Israel to the nation's contributing to relief. (Arabs insisted on using a "Red Crescent", which Israel objected to.)

6/20/06 - Gay activists attempt to pressure the pentagon from listing homosexuality as deviant behavior, but our fighting forces are putting up a fight. So is Jack Chick! See Sin City.

6/18/06 - Pro gay Bishops in the Episcopalian leadership elect the first woman Bishop to lead for the next 9 years. Kate Schori was the most liberal of choices and passed by just 2 votes (93 to 95). She supported the election of homosexual Gene Robinson as Bishop, who recently admitted to also being a Alcoholic at the time of his election. Division of the church seems more certain now than ever.

6/17/06 - Democratic Representative of GA, Cynthia McKinney is let off the hook for hitting a security guard who tried to stop her from passing a metal detector in the capitol when she wasn't wearing her I.D. (She claimed she was being discriminated against. That's original.)

A Colerado judge rules a 15 year old girl could marry a 38 year old jail bird in a common law marriage. Once again, the bar is lowered until...

6/14/06 - "Hurricane Alberto" hits Florida, but fails to reach Hurricane status. The Tropical storm dumps about 8 inches of rain on the Jack Chick Museum of Fine Art, causing no damage but watering the lawn. Thanks Alberto. (See Chick's comic of the same name.)

6/13/06 - Ted Kennedy's son-- who serves in the Congress-- is given probation for driving under the influence of drugs and causing a wreck. Like his father, who killed his secretary while drunk driving in the 1960s, he isn't expected to lose his job or serve any prison time. (Oh, the lifestyles of the rich and famous!) See Chick's Happy Hour .

6/10/06 - An estimated 200,000 Spaniards protest their left wing socialist government from holding talks with ETNA, the terror group that's blown up thousands of fellow Spaniards. 60% of Spain is against negotiating with the terrorists, but the current government came to power after a terrorist bombing, and they fear they can lose the next elections if another bombing campaign starts up before the next elections. See Chick's The Sky Lighter

Meanwhile, Democrats in the US Senate block an effort by Republicans to pass a pro-marriage amendment that would make it impossible for liberals to get gay marriage legalized using activist judges and left leaning legislatures on a state by state basis.

6/8/06 - Terrorists and their sympathizers mourn the killing of the head of Al Quada in Iraq. He was blown to bits along with many of his henchmen by US Airstikes. Expect counter attacks in an attempt to prove Al Quada is still in business. See Who Cares?

6/6/06 - I went to see V for Vendetta. It was a bizarre film. It attempts to glorify Timothy MacVeigh and his ilk (albeit with a liberal, pro-homosexual twist). The terrorist "hero" of the film is inspired by Guy Fawlkes, the Catholic terrorist who attempted to blow up the British Parliament centuries ago and is vilified in numerous Chick tracts.

6/5/06 - The U.S. Senate takes up the motion for a Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as between one man and woman. It would prevent gay-oriented state Supreme courts from mandating gay marriage without voter approval. However, Democrats in the Senate are expected to prevent the Amendment from passing.

6/4/06 - Gene Robinson, the gay Bishop who's ordination caused an outrage and many Episcopal churches to break away or stop paying the diocese is in the news again. It turns out he was an Alcoholic the entire time he was being lauded as an otherwise outstanding example to church goers. Now he's been in and out of rehab and claims everything is great, and that he'll do anything to stop the split in his church-- short of the one thing he needs to do (resign).

6/3/06 - 17 Canadian Terrorists are arrested for plotting a bomb campaign. Although Islamic, almost all were born and raised in Canada and considered regular Canadians. The incident calls attention to the importance of border patrol.

6/2/06 - Dr. When Ho Lee, the Taiwanese traitor/ scientist who worked in our top secret weapons lab and passed secrets to China-- but was never proved because former Attorney General Janet Rino refused to allow wire taps-- is awarded $1.6 million dollars for "invasion of privacy" by the government and news organizations. They proved he mishandled top secret information, but without the wire taps, they had to free him after nine months. (No others were ever charged.) One of the secrets given to the Reds was Neutron-bomb technology, which would allow the commies to attack Taiwan and kill the inhabitants without destroying the value of the real estate. See Chick's Kings Of The East.

5/30/06 - Dr. Rebecca Brown graciously travels to Tallahassee to be interviewed for the upcoming documentary on Chick tracts. (She was in south Florida giving seminars and stopped by on her way back to Arkansas.) She is working on her 5th book!

5/26/06 - British Parliament minister, George Galloway, tells GQ Magazine that it would be "morally justified" for Prime Minister Tony Blair to be assassinated by a suicide bomber. He made this claim after a surprise visit to Cuba TV where he embraced Fidel Castro, the dictator and human rights abuser. Galloway also supported Saddam Hussain before that dictator was arrested for crimes against humanity. Galloway was recently booted off a reality TV show by other cast members, whome he failed to impress with various stunts, including acting like a duck.

Pat Robertson, the minister who heads the 700 club, gets criticized for claiming he bench pressed 2,000 pounds with his legs. The elderly minister was not available to comment, but experts say it is impossible. 90% of those who gave their opinion think he was lying.

While the President from Mexico tours the USA and assures Americans Mexico wants to end illegal immigration "hand in hand" with Americans, it's revealed that money sent back by illegals accounts for around $20 billion a year... Mexico's second most profitable income after oil. Don't expect them to do anything to reduce that revenue stream, or the stream of illegals. (Just as Alberto predicted...)

5/24/06 - Michael Farris, dean of the Patrick Henry College for Home Schoolers (a Conservative Christian college), speaks on NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Despite her efforts to embarrass her guest, he did a pretty decent job defending his Fundamentalist belief in the Bible.

5/23/06- The latest on the Illegal Immigrant sham. After calling the Americans racists and xenophobes for not wanting 13 million illegals to get citizenship, it turns out that the Mexicans don't allow ANY immigrants-- not even the immigrants who have legally become Mexican citizens-- to hold any government jobs! (The biggest employer in the country.) You have to be a native Mexican, otherwise, don't expect a decent job. Talk about needing to practice what they preach!

5/22/06 - Mike Wallace admits on 60 Minutes that he once attempted suicide and suffered from mental depression. See Chick's No Fear?

5/21/06 -The Pope disciplines another priest accused of gay sex young men. This time, the priest is 83 years old and accused of sex with young Sumerians.

5/20/06 -Despite failing to impress critics, The Devici Code rakes in $250 million its first weekend of playing.

5/19/06 - Senator MaCain joins Senator Kennedy to demanding that illegal immigrants get government subsidized Social Security benefits for any contributions they made using stolen social security numbers! Weren't they the same ones saying Social Security was going broke? Gee, I wonder why?

5/18/06 - Critics at Caans pan the new Tom Hanks Di Vinci Code, the conspiracy film about Jesus being married and having children.

5/15/06 - Bush addresses the nation and puts Nation Guardsmen on the border to help reduce the illegal crossings. (They've spiked since talk of the Amnesty began.) Bush insists the Amnesty is not an Amnesty, but an "earned citizenship" process. Of course, the problem is that the first part of "earning" the citizenship is breaking our laws by coming here illegally.

5/13/06 - Moussaoui (the 9/11 Terrorist given Life in Prison) is hauled to his new jail. He now claims he lied about being a terrorist, and wants a new trial at tax payer's expense. Meanwhile, information is leaked that Moussaoui was spared the death penalty by one liberal minded Juror who refused to go along with everyone else who voted for the death sentence.

5/12/06 - The Mayor of San Diego appeals to the White House for help to keep a giant stone cross at a memorial park for Veterans. The cross was put there in 1913 with private funds, but the ACLU and others want to tear it down. See Chick's The Trial.

An American Catholic priest is convicted of a ritualistic murder of a Catholic nun. He was suspected twenty years ago when it happened, but only the recent discovery of the murder weapon in his room gave the police the evidence they needed for conviction.

Police in Kenya search for a gunman that killed one employee and wounded two others at a radio station that was airing a program about Muslims that converted to Christianity. See Chick's The Story Teller.

5/10/06 - World Magazine, a conservative children's magazine aimed at home schoolers, urges readers to support Amnesty of illegal Mexican immigrants. It makes strained references to the Bible and suggests it's a Christian's duty to support the Amnesty, without ever mentioning the magazine is actually a Catholic publication and wants to support the illegals for that reason. (Just remember, when it comes to illegal immigration, honesty is the best policy!) See Chick's The Last Generation

5/8/06 - Catholics in South Florida plan to protest and boycott Tom Hanks new movie that suggest Jesus was a phoney.

1 in 4 Americans admit in a survey that they harbor a prejudice against Muslims. Meanwhile, Muslim activist groups complain about the new movie about the patriots that took back their plane from Muslim terrorists and forced it to crash rather than let it destroy the White House. They say the film might fan hate against Arabs. (Maybe the terrorists should have considered that before they did what they did.) The movie is called United 93. Surviving family members were consulted for approval before the movie was made (unlike Michael Moore's films which exploited and politicized similar tragedies). See Chick's Who Cares?

5/4/06 - Moussaoui (the 9/11 Terrorist on trial) is formally given his life sentence. He laughs at the court, "America lost, I won!" But one of the relatives of the victims had a chance to confront him and warned "you will face a final judgment." See Chick's The Scam

Episcopal Bishops meet in San Francisco to pick another new Bishop. Bet you can't guess who they're considering? Not one, not two, but THREE homosexuals, all three of which are openly living with same sex partners. And (big surprise) one of them is a Lesbian. Isn't that special? See Chick's Sin City

5/3/06 - A Jury gives a LIFE sentence to the only 9/11 Terrorist who was captured and survived the attacks. He confessed to wanting to murder the 3,000 victims, hiding information from the FBI that would have prevented the attack, and gloated over the success of the catastrophe, but his lawyers convinced the jury that he suffered from rough childhood and shouldn't be executed. The ACLU should be pleased. Watching this guy get away with Mass Murder and listening to his enablers in the media drives home the old adage: We're our own worst enemy.

5/2/06 - Florida passes a law similar to 25 other states restricting protesters from demonstrating at funerals of soldiers. It fines them $1,000 each and could put them in jail for one year (compared to the current $500 fine and 30 days jail term). For some reason, the folks at GodHatesFags.com decided that God kills soldiers to punish the US for supporting homosexuals, even though the military kicks people out if they are gay. They must have read How To Make Enemies and Lose Influence Over People.

5/1/06 - Unions and other activists organize a "Day without (illegal) immigrants." They boycott US goods, work, and school. Meanwhile, across the border, Mexicans engage in a similar boycott aimed at forcing us to open our borders more. They call it "the Day without Gringos" (the derogatory term for Americans) and speakers urged the crowd to "reconquer our old territory (the Southwest USA) with our people." Chick Publications offers most of their tracts in Spanish. If the illegals succeed in forcing lawmakers to grant the Amnesty and current trends of several million illegals entering the USA per year continue, Spanish tracts will outnumber the English tracts!

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