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6/30/05 - Jewish settlers in Israel vandalize the highway to Jerusalem by throwing oil and tacks in the way of motorists. They are protesting the proposed uprooting of their beach side settlements which were unofficially annexed from the Palestinians by Jews years before.

The Socialist politicians in Spain prepare to vote to legalize gay marriage. Conservatives want a public vote on the matter, the Socialists do not. The liberials claim the country's Catholic majority already supports gay marriage. But if that's true, why not let them vote for it? (Because they would probably lose.) None of the other three countries that endorse gay marriage let their people vote for it either.

Senator Danforth, a former ordained Episcopal priest, appears on NPR's Fresh Air to attack fellow Republican's for supporting the religious right. He's written a couple of Opinion Editorials for the liberal New York Times newspaper along the same line. (There's probably a book brewing. Oh joy.)

6/28/05 - Canada becomes the third nation to legalize gay marriage with a vote of 158 to 133. (Belgium and the Netherlands are the other two.) It gives a whole new meaning to the nick name "hoser".

The Vatican begins the canonization process to make the former pope John Paul II a Saint. It used to take 15 to 20 years, then was reduced to just five years after the person's death. He seems to be on the ultra fast track.

The Emperor of Japan (and leader of the Shinto religion) visits a Pacific war site where hundreds of Japanese soldiers jumped off a cliff rather than surrender to Americans. His presence is said to allow their souls comfort. He is officially there to mourn the death of all victims, but Japan remains the only Axis power never to apologize for its wartime aggression-- despite raping and killing countless foreign civilians and being the only nation to execute American POWs.

6/27/05 - Cardinal Jaime Sin of the Philippines recently died at age 76 and his funeral was today. He was a controversial leader, mixing politics with religion and lead the outsing of two previous Presidents (in 1986 and 2001). Liberals loved the "people power" political efforts, but despised the anti-abortion sermons in an overpopulated island nation of 86 million. With a name like Sin, he's got to be good!

Meanwhile, the BTK suspect Dennis Rader plead guilty to ten counts of murder today in Kansas court. The former Lutheran Church President and Cub Scout leader Bound, Tortured, and Killed victims from 1974 to 1991... stopping after the death penalty was reinstated in his state. (So much for claims its not a deterrent.) Of course he was better educated than the typical killer. He had a college degree... in criminal justice. The 60 year old married father of two said he did it to fulfill his sexual fantasies. (As if he wife wasn't already embarrassed enough.)

The Supreme Court outlaws the Ten Commandments being put on display in a Kentucky court house, but allows them to remain outside the Texas Capital.

6/25/05 - Former President Bill Clinton meets Billy Graham on stage and calls him "a man of love." Clinton also praises Graham's civil rights stand in Arkansas when he refused to preach before an all white audience. Graham returns the compliment saying the Clintons are "wonderful friends... a great couple" and that Bill should become an evangelist and allow "his wife to run the country." (Chick's site continues to sell the thick expose on Billy Graham called "Billy Graham and his friends.")

Meanwhile, the latest book by Ed Klein entitled "The Truth About Hillary" creates a stir. It reports on gay college friends from Hillary's Wellesley days and claims Hillary was a known lesbian. It says her marriage to Bill was one of political convenience. Unlike her husband, there is no DNA evidence to prove guilt... although it would explain why she continues to stick with him.

6/24/05 - 83-year-old Billy Graham conducts his final revival in New York City. After 60 years at the pulpit, he is retiring due to poor health. Chick doesn't approve of Graham's Catholic collaborations, but President Bush considers him an inspirational preacher.

6/23/05 - The Anglican Church of England considers divesting itself of all stocks with companies helping Israel build the Separation Wall, demolish Arab homes, annex Arab land, build illegal settlements, or take Arab water. Israel is furious, and accuses them of anti-Semitism. (Although the Arabs are also Semitic, so technically, its a wash.)

Ordained Baptist minister and former Ku Klux Klan member Edgar Ray Killen was sentenced today to the maximum term of 60 years in prison for the unintentional killing of three civil rights workers in 1964. He had been tried before but not convicted. (He had an alibi.) He will likely appeal, but at age 80 with serious health problems, he likely die in prison.

6/18/05 - Israel officials and Secretary of State Rice agree that the Jews should destroy any homes built in settlements before pulling out of the Gaza strip. The US subsidizes Jewish settlements with billions of dollars, and will likely turn around and pay to help the Palestinians rebuild the homes. But Israel has a long standing tradition of a "scorched Earth policy," cutting down the olive trees and bulldozing any improvements they've made on conquered land.

6/17/05 - The Vatican revises the recent rules on Priests and sexual conduct. Bishops no longer have to report all previous accusations. The recent ban on gays and straights with a record of promiscuous sex are still to remain in effect.

6/15/05 - Results on the autopsy of Terri Schiavo show her brain had shrunk to less than half its normal size and that it would not improve with therapy. She was also blind and could not eat without a feeding tube.

6/13/05 - Michael Jackson is acquitted of child molestation charges by an all white jury in LA. Jackson was a Jehovah's Witness, but when the trial began, he hooked up with the Nation of Islam (a black militant version of Islam).

6/12/05 - The Vatican successfully discourages over 50% of Italians from voting on a new abortion bill. Without a majority voting, the bill fails to pass.

6/3/05- The Pentagon releases a report detailing five instances where terrorist had their Quran mishandled in jail. One was kicked, another was stepped on, another written in (writer unknown), but the BBC is VERY excited that one was PISSED ON! (Riot Muslims! RIOT!) The details, however, reveal it was accidental. It was stored next to a vent which was next to a urinal, and some of the moisture bounced off onto it. Since it was an unintentional accident, no one was punished because it was technically "an act of God." (Maybe he didn't like the fact a terrorist was using the Quran as an excuse to murder people.) The Newsweek claim that a Quran was flushed by a guard was proven groundless.

6/2/05 - Israel starts building another 22 homes in East Jerusalem despite Bush's recent plea to stick to the original road map boundaries. The expansion is viewed as a provocation by Arabs and may reignite more bombings.

5/31/05 - After denying it for years, Mark Felt, a former #2 FBI man passed over for promotion by Nixon admits to being "Deep Throat," the anonymous source of embarrassing rumors that fueled the Watergate scandal and eventually lead to the resignation of the President. 91-year-old Mark Felt stepped forward as the source of leaks so that his family could make money by claiming some rights to the famous story. (Bernstein and Woodword reluctantly confirmed he was the source of their story.) Nixon suspected Felt was Deep Throat when he found out he was Jewish. (Nixon was a Quaker, and many of his most outspoken critics were Jews.) See Where's Rabbi Waxman?

5/20/05 - Communist China celebrates the 10th anniversary of the 11th reincarnation of the Panchen Lama, an ancient Tibetan priest. The boy was selected by the the communists and imposed on occupied Tibet. (He has since been trained in China with pro-communist doctrine.) They hope to divert attention from the four-year-old boy selected by the Dalai Lama who reds quickly arrested and "disappeared" (jailed). He is said to be the worlds youngest politcal prisoner.

5/19/05 - Republicans and Democrats fight over changing Senate procedures to allow a vote on court Judges. Democrats have blocked ten of the President's pro-life appointments, because it looks like they would pass if the full Senate had a vote. Opponents fear that if they become Appeal judges, they would eventually be appointed to the Supreme Court. They call the rule change the "Nuclear Option", which suggests we'll all die horrible radioactive deaths if the Republicans "press the button." Gotta love that rhetoric!

5/18/05 - Retired South African President (and former ANC terrorist leader) Nelson Mandela visits the USA and meets various leaders, including George Bush. Mandela wants the US to forgive $ Billions in former loans (and of course, donate more). He receives numerous honorary doctorates from Northern Universities eager to please his supporters. Among those big fans is Democratic Representative Charles Rangel, who stunned audiences by comparing Mandela to Jesus Christ! (Instead of telling his fellow bombers to "turn the other cheek," Mandela said he would "never renounce violence". The communist ANC, by the way, was officially atheist.)

5/17/05 - It is now revealed that Newsweek lied about the number of unnamed sources for their story. In their reporting, they said they had "sources", but now confess they only had ONE source (who has since backed away from his claims).

The ACLU sues a Christian group for accepting Federal funds to discourage pre-marital sex. The "Silver Ring Thing" encourages teenagers to remain virgins until after marriage. The ACLU says that blurs the line between church and state.

5/16/05 - Newsweek editor Mark Whitaker makes a timid apology for a story they ran two weeks ago claiming the interrogators took a Quran (Islamic holy book) from a terrorist and flushed it down a toilet. The anonymous allegations caused riots in Afghanistan and killed at least 15. Whitaker went out of his way to say Newsweek was not retracting to story, but that "we may have gotten some things wrong." It later appeared the story referred to an incident where a terrorist tore pages from the Quran and flushed it down the toilet in protest. By Monday evening, Newsweek officially retracted the story.

(Newsweek has a well known history of letting their political bias cloud their journalistic judgment. They had the scoop on the Monica Lewinski story for six months but published nothing out of fear it would hurt Clinton's chances for re-election. When it comes to national security however, they are more than willing to run unsubstantiated rumors that can cost our soldiers their lives.) See Skylighter.

5/15/05 - Over 100 gay activist are refused Catholic communion when they approach the alter wearing a rainbow sash to protest the Vatican's refusal to endorse homosexual marriage. The protest began in 2002, but now Church officials seem to have run out of patience for the protesters.

5/13/05 - In response to complaints from Catholics, eBay quietly reverses its policy allowing users to sell consicrated waffers (or as Chick calls them, "Death Cookies".)

5/11/05 - The Supreme Court in Chile rules that a mother who took up a Lesbian lover should lose custody of her three daughters. Gay activists are outraged. See Chick's Sin City.

5/9/05 - The (Democrat) Governor of Arizona vetoes a bill to make English the official language of the state. Voters passed a similar measure earlier that activist judges overturned. No one seems to care what the taxpayers want and the illegals continue to pour in. Meanwhile, California estimates they spend $500 million in hospital costs for non-paying illegal's each year-- a conservative figure that's based on the minority of customers who actually admit they are illegal.

(Chick believes the Vatican encourages illegal immigration to increase America's Catholic population and pro-pope influence. See footnotes to early versions of Why No Revival.)

5/4/05 - Air Force Col. Franklin is arrested for spying for Israel and AIPAC. AIPAC is the American Israel Political Action Committee, one of the strongest lobbies in Washington. It succeeds in convincing congressmen to subsidize Israel about $6 Billion a year in military and other aid. Irsrael denies any wrongdoing.

5/3/05 - Only in America: An African immigrant comes to America and seeks political asylum and is refused. She goes back to Kenya, then comes back again and this time gets lucky! She's made a citizen. Her thanks for being accepted? She sues us for negligence and settles for $81,000 in taxpayer money. That's gratitude. See Chick's Fallen.

5/1/05 - Six Episcopal priests in Connecticut refuse to pay Bishop Andrew Smith any church dues because he helped elect openly gay Gene Robinson as a Bishop. Other Episcopal churches around the country also refuse to pay for amoral leadership, including the one here in Tallahassee. (It sends the money to missions instead.) The organization of world Episcopal churches agrees that gay marriage defies scripture and can not be embraced by the church.

David Danial's new book that uses a ton of new Chick illustrations hits the market. It's called Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible? The True History of God's Words.


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