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6/29/04 - I was interviewed on KJSL in St. Louis by Tim Berends. While on hold, I heard the station report that the Democrats have set "gay quotas" for this year's Democratic Convention. California will seek out 44 homosexuals for their delegation of 440. Other states also plan on 10%. Will protesters pass out copies of Doom Town?

6/23-04 - The news reports that a month ago (May 23) a strange ceremony took place in the Senate Building on Capitol Hill. Rev. Sun Yung Moon was crownded the new Messiah as several members of Congress looked on. His wife was also crowned Queen. With that kind of influence, Moon's a real Tycoon.

6/20/04 - The Pope apologizes again for the Spanish Inquisition, but also down plays the number of people who were actually murdered. If this trend continues, the Vatican may apologize more and more for less and less until they are really sorry for absolutely nothing at all. Haw-haw-haw!

6/17/04 - After kidnapping civilian Paul Johnson a week before in Saudi Arabia, terrorist behead him. He was married and a father.

Russia President admits the KGB determined Saddam planned terrorist attacks against the US in 2002. (But he still doesn't support the US invasion of Iraq.)

6/16/04 - The news is reporting the 9-11 commission states "there is no connection between Iraq and the Sept 11th attacks, despite the President's claims to the contrary." But Bush did NOT claimed there was a connection between Iraq with 9-11. He said Iraq supported other acts of terrorism (They tried to assassinate Bush senior, and also contributed $100K to terrorists in 2002. And that's just what we know of.) The head of the Commission said they were not investigating such issues and were focusing only on the facts of 9-11. So either the media is too stupid to know the difference, or they are deliberately misleading the public. But wait a sec-- I thought "misleading the public" is what Bush's enemies accused him of doing! (sigh) Somebody pass the Who Cares tract...

6/15/04 - The SBC leaves the Baptist World Alliance because of it's "liberal leanings". In particular, the conservative Southern Baptist Convention disapproves of the European acceptance of female ministers, gay marriage and fallibility of the Bible.

6/14/04 - The Supreme Court refused to hear a case wanting to remove the phrase "One Nation, Under God" from the pledge of Allegiance. This means the pledge will remain unchanged... much to the disappointment of the ACLU.

6/12/04 - An oversized version of WHY NO REVIVAL sells on eBay for $342.26.

6/9/04 - Reagan receives a state funeral at the nation's Capitol. President Bush gives the Eulogy on Friday.

6/5/04 - Ronald Reagen dies at 93. He suffered a long time with Alzheimer's, but passed away at him home surrounded by his family. He was elected at age 69 and retired as the most popular President since surveys were conducted.

6/4/04 - President Bush (an Evangelical) meets with the Pope in Rome. The move is unusual because Catholic candidate John Kerry has no such meeting. Kerry's support for federal abortion and gay marriage on a state by state basis is anathema. Democrats worry that conservative and moderate Catholics will leave their ranks and vote Republican.

O.J. Simpson was interviewed by Dateline. With his lawyer perched by his side, O.J. insisted he was innocent, and he would "never pay one dime" of the $33 million judgment to the victim's parents (except what they confiscated). Instead, he spends his days playing golf outside of Miami. Simpson happens to be the neighbor of one of my relatives... who happens to be a coroner! He says O.J.'s blood at the crime scene should have been a slam dunk conviction, but race replaced reason in the jury. Today, 79% whites say OJ is guilty, and 71% of blacks say he is innocent. What will the Faceless one say? (Matt. 25:41?)

6/2/04 - A federal judge in San Francisco ruled the Partial Birth Abortion Ban (passed last Nov.) is unconstitutional. The law prevents the killing of third trimester babies during induced delivery. Anti-abortion groups call the ruling "judicial activism" because the judge claimed the law infringed on a woman's constitutional right to choose, despite the fact the Constitution never mentions abortion or a woman's right to choose. The matter will likely be settled in Supreme Court. See Chick's take in Who Murdered Clarice.

5/31/04 - The WW2 memorial in Washington DC is dedicated to vets of WW2. (Chick served in the signal corps in the Pacific at the time.)

5/30/04 - Terrorist in Saudi Arabia capture over 50 foriegn oil workers. They free the Muslims and begin murdering the Christians. Security forces rescue most, but in the end, 22 Christians are killed. A similar situation occurs in Chick's Good Ol' Boys.

5/28/04 - Gays in the Catholic church plan on protesting the churches refusal to endorse their sexual lifestyle. This Sunday, they plan on trying to take communion wearing rainbow sashes (just like Rev. Ray in Sin City). The Vatican urges priests not to give communion to anyone who continues on in a grave sin. Nor do they want to let their communion to be exploited for activists purposes.

A new movie about Christian schools comes out of Hollywood, called "Saved". It's a satire that portrays Christians as wacky and intolerant. One wonders what sort of reaction Hollywood would get if they portrayed any other religion in such a manner. (Not that they would dare to do such a thing.)

5/26/04 - The tests confirm the road side shell detonated in Iraq (see 5/18) was Nerve gas. But who wants to bet the critics will still claim no weapons of mass destruction have been found? (Hey, it's an election year!) The shells are less than two feet long and very easy to conceal.

5/25/04 - Boston Catholic officials announce 1/5th of the Parishes (68 or so) will be closed do to financial reasons. They deny it has anything to do with the loss of millions spent on the molestating priests scandal.

After bouncing around in the courts, judges decided the US has to open up the 1987 Amnesty to illegals yet again, for a period of one year. A 10% foreign born population isn't enough, apparently, so we need to reward the ones who have broken the law for the longest period of time with citizenship. Early versions of WHY NO REVIVAL site imigration as a Vatican plot to overwhelm the US with Catholics.

5/24/04 - I was interviewd by Robert Emit on Thoughtlines (KFJC in Los Altos, CA). The program aired from 6 to 7pm. We discussed The Art of Jack Chick and took live calls.

5/22/04 - Spanish Prince Felipe marries Letizia Ortiz. Both are Catholic, but Ortiz is a divorcee. Though marriage is not technically allowed in the Catholic church without the first marriage being nullified, no one seemed to care... unless the weather is an indicator. A thunderous storm raged outside during the ceremony.

Speaking of divorce, how long does one expect it will be before the first gay divorce? Or will the media report it?

5/21/04 - Bob Edwards, the retiring voice of NPR news, appears on the Diane Rehm show to promote his new book. He makes the hysterical comment that FOX News is politically biased, whereas NPR is not. (NPR is very left leaning, more so than the regular networks, but they can't admit it because they receive millions in government handouts.) We're going to miss old "honest Bob"!

5/19/04 - The UN condemns Israel's shooting and killing of several protesters (including children) in the recent Gaza operation. The US usually vetoes such measures, but probably due to negative publicity over the prisoner hazing scandal, abstains and avoids involvement.

5/18/04 - Terrorist insurgents in Iraq detonate a roadside bomb containing Sarin Nerve gas. Fortunately, the deadly gas agents failed to mix properly and thousands were spared. The bomb is believed to be left over from banned weapons of Saddam's regime. If final testing confirms the presence of Sarin, it will be the first proof of Weapons of Mass Destruction. (Critics claimed the allegations of WMD were made up to justify an unnecessary war).

The Israel Army rolls into Gaza with tanks and bulldozers to demolish more Palestinian homes. Amnesty International accuses Israel of war crimes, saying over 3,000 homes have been destroyed so far, and the residents were not allowed to take any possessions with them. We'll need more Love The Jewish People tracts and fast.

Pope John Paul II celebrates his 84th birthday.

5/17/04 - Massachusetts begins gay marriages. The move is seen by many as a glaring example of Judicial activism, since the State Supreme court mandated the change despite efforts of the elected legislature to stop it. John Kerry attempted earlier to sidestep his support of gay marriage by saying "I'm against gay marriage, I think the states should decide." Since Massachusetts is Kerry's home state and has decided to endorse gay marriage, this strategy could backfire. The same sex marriages are not recognized in other states or by the Federal Government and may still be voided in 2006. See also Chick's Birds And The Bees.

India's stock market plunges after the nomination of Sonia Gandhi as prime minister. Her strong ties with the communist party worry traders that India's strong economic growth will soon be derailed. She later refuses the post. Chick's rare 1970 tract, Kiss India Goodbye, predicted India would fall to the communists and never recover.

5/16/04 - I returned from a 20 day trip overseas. The pets were well fed but starving for attention.

5/15/04 - Michael Berg, an outspoken peace activist, blames the President for the beheading of Berg's son. "My son died for the sins of George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld. The administration did this." The terrorists must be delighted. Not only did their propaganda strategy work, but the victim's father blames their worst enemy for their crime.

5/14/04 - I saw the action-packed monster movie Van Helsing. One scene takes place in the Vatican two centuries ago. According the film, a Ecumenical heaven existed below the Vatican in the 1700s. Jews, Buddhists, & Arab holy men all secretly worked together with the Vatican to fight evil. (Chick maintains the opposite, since there were still Inquisitions going on at that time.) The film combines 007 concepts with that of Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Dracula's hand burns when he touches a cross. What would happen if he was handed a Chick tract?

The Vatican warns Catholics (especially women) not to marry Muslims. Chick's 1990 tract, The Deceived, accuses the Vatican of creating Islam by marrying a closet Catholic to Muhammad.

5/11/04 - Terrorist saw off the head of a screaming Nick Berg and play the video of it on the web. They claim it's revenge for Iraqi prisoner abuse seen on 60 Minutes II.

5/7/04 - Oregon's most prominent Democrat, ex-Govenor Neil Goldshmidt, admits he had a nine month sexual relationship with a 14 year old girl while he was Mayor of Portland. The State defines third degree rape as sex with children under 16, however, if Clinton's scandal is any indicator, don't expect any legal ramifications. (See also Chick's The Royal Affair.)

5/1/04 - Chick releases TWO new tracts, Birds And The Bees, and Unloved.

UK's Daily Mirror publishes photos of British troops torturing Iraqi prisoners. The hooded terrorists are shown being kicked, choked and urinated upon. The photos will later be proven to be fakes, but only after being plastered over numerous Arab papers and websites, contributing to the terrorist violence and coalition death count.

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