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These comments are seperate from Chick Memories, because they aren't really memories but are Chick related news or religious trivia of interest to Chick fans. They usually have something to do with the topics, themes or conspiracies that Chick tractsthe are in regular text (this size). Recent comments are first and you'll go back in time as you scroll downward.


4/28/06 - California. Democratic "Lawmakers" join forces with Mexican lawbreakers by publicly endorsing a boycott against US goods on Monday by illegal immigrants. The boycott also encourages kids to skip school that day, as well as parents to avoid work, and Mexicans on both sides of the border not to buy US goods. They hope to force America to grant those who sneaked across the borders Citizenship and voting rights, ahead of the millions waiting in line and following the law. (The last time Amnesty was granted in the 1980s, the result was dramatically increased illegal immigration.) Alberto said the Vatican also supported illegal immigration because it would result in millions more Catholics in our Country. Various left wingers in the Church have publicly endorsed the Amnesty.

4/27/06 - Two families in Massachusetts sue the public school for reading gay fairy tales to their children in school. (The prince ditches a princess to marry another prince.) Even the superintendent was in on the act, saying that the state allows gay marriage, therefore, the children should be encouraged at an early age to embrace the diversity.

4/19/06 - 1 year Anniversary of the New Pope.

4/17/06 - Former Gov. George Ryan is convicted of Corruption. The liberal Republican made waves when he retired by commuting the sentances to "life" for all death row inmates. Now he'll get a chance for them to thank him personally. See Chick's The Frame Up.

4/16/06 - Happy Easter. See Chick's The Greatest Story Ever Told.

4/14/06 - Good Friday.

4/11/06 - A Judge in Spain indicts 29 conspirators for the train bombing before the election that lead to the surprise upset and put the current Socialist government in charge. The Judge concluded the conspirators were encouraged to bomb on the eve of the elections because it would turn over the government to the liberals and would lead to a pull out of troops in Iraq... which is exactly what happened as the Spanish played straight into the terrorist's hands. See Chick's Sky Lighter.

4/10/06 - More demonstrations --organized by the Labor Unions who hope to make millions off of new memberships -- spring up across the country. Now the organizers tell the illegals that they should stop carrying their Mexican flags and use American ones instead (but they already revealed their true colors last time, both figuratively and literally). Meanwhile, they chant slogans-- all in Spanish-- about how they have "the power." Where is the INS during all of this? What are we paying them for? The demonstrations are meant to intimidate lawmakers into rolling back the laws and granting Amnesty to those who came here illegally. Congress already tried that in the 1980s and not surprisingly, illegal immigration increased dramatically as a result as tens of millions rushed in to get to establish residency for the next Amnesty. If we do it again, all the "old illegals" will be replaced with NEW illegals, because employers won't want to pay union wages to the new citizens. So don't set back and let the inmates take over the asylum. Write your Senators and tell them what YOU want. Hopefully, our representatives will sten more to what the law abiding citizens say rather than the law-breaking NON-citizens. After all, we're the ones that hired them. (The Senate will return in a couple of weeks and take up the measure again.) Chick connection: Alberto told Chick that illegal immigration was another plot to turn the Protestant nation into a Catholic one. Meanwhile, L.A. Bishop Cardinal Mahoney spoke at the protest to encourage the illegals and urge them to wave US flags instead of Mexican. (As Chick would say, "clever!")

Socialist France repeals the new labor laws that were intended to create more jobs by allowing employers to hirer and fire more easily, at least for one year. But those dependent of "the system" felt it was too dangerous to let employers have that right for a full year. The weak leaders caved and the welfare system remains unchanged. France is trying to cope with a large influx of black Muslim immigrants who moved there and rioted recently because they want more jobs and social services. (Could similar riots be in store for us if we don't give our protesters what they demand?... or even if we do but they want more?)

4/7/06 - The illegal immigrant Amnesty bill dies in the Senate (Hallelujah!). We should thank the Democrats for killing it, albeit for the wrong reasons (they didn't want any ammendments that would make the Amenesty harder to get!). So watch this debate with eagle eyes, because politicians on both sides are willing to "compromise" our laws in order to pander to millions of potential new voters. Immigration matters a lot... just ask the indians!

4/6/06 - The National Geographic Society announces it has acquired "the Gospel According to Judus." The 1700 year old document claims to tell the story of Jesus from the perspective of Judas. He's the best friend of Jesus in this version, and was asked by Jesus to betray him in confidence. They plan on doing two books and a 2 hour TV special out of it. (This isn't a Christian gospel, but a Gnostic document. Gnostics were the "new agers" of their time, and didn't believe Jesus was the son of God.)

The Senate claims to reach a compromise granting Amnesty to millions and millions of illegal immigrants that have broken our laws to move here after the last Amnesty in the 1980s. The comprise basically does what the last Amnesty did, which is reward those those broke the law earliest and signal to everyone else that only the fools wait in line for a visa. Oh yeah, you pay $2,000 fine. If we're so desperate for fines, why not charge the employers who employ illegals $10,000 per worker? They can give $1,000 of it as a reward to those who turn in the illegals. The remaining $9,000 would pay for the ticket home and help offset the tens of thousands each illegal costs taxpayers in hospital, school, and often times, prison fees. Alberto claimed that the Vatican encourages illegal immigration to overwhelm the US with Catholics. F.A.I.R. points out that whether the Vatican wants it or not, by 2045, the US will have another 200 million illegals unless we reverse the trend.

4/5/06 - The Christian that faced the death penalty in Afganistan for converting from Islam is accepted to Italy. Afganistan's President says there was little evidence and he was probably insane.

The black Democratic Representative from GA, Cynthia McKeeny, goes on the talk shows -- with her two lawyers no less-- to explain how her attack on the police officer (who tried to stop her from slipping past security in the Capitol) was really about "racial profiling." She did not explain, however, that if it was racially motivated, why the police also required all the other races to stop at security.

4/4/06 - Former Majority leader, Tom DeLay, (a Conservative Christian), announces he'll resign so Democrats can't use him as an excuse to win seats in the next election. Although there has been no evidence of any legal misconduct revealed publically, his association with a lobbyist who plead guilty of bribery has cost the politician a lot of support and has put his reelection chances in doubt. He is also under inditement for money laundering in Texas, but that charge appears to be politically motivated and stands little chance of a conviction. Delay lead the fight to prevent the disconnection of the feeding tube to a comatose woman who's estranged husband wanted her to die, but who's parents wanted her to live.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the isle, outspoken liberal Cynthia McKeeny (a black Democrat Representative from Georgia) gets in trouble for trying to push her way past security and then hitting the officer with her cell phone when he attempted to stop her. She claims says the cause was racism and that the officer "touched her inappropriately"... but she won't elaborate. See Chick's Lisa pages 1-6 here, pages 7-12 here, pages 13-18 here, and pages 19-24 here

4/2/06 - The terrorist on trial for not revealing the 9/11 plot if found eligable for the death penalty. He had said earlier he wanted to die in the attacks so he would go to heaven. See Chick's The Skylighter

3/30/06 - Massachusetts Supreme Court decides the state should not marry gay couples from out-of-state if the marriage is illegal where they normally reside. It will continue to marry homegrown homos however.

The Senate takes up the immigration bill to see if they will accept the amnesty provisions put in by Kennedy and his pals, or something that will actually discourage even more illegal activity. President Bush is also on the wrong side of this issue, urging Congress to legitimize the illegal activity with amnesty and encourage literally hundreds of millions more to ignore the law and move her to become citizens because we have no political will to stop them. For the record, the best way to stop immigration is to build the proposed wall, and more importantly, start fining employers $10,000 per illegal worker. Once it is no longer cheaper to higher illegals over American citizens, the raging river of night crossings will reduce to a trickle, and eventually reverse direction. And it instead of costing the taxpayer money, it will actually increase revenues with fines paid by the businesses that bend the law for profit. Call your Senator now if you give a damn, otherwise give up and start learning Spanish.

And speaking of immigration and why it's vital to enforce it, the terrorist who is on trial for not revealing the 9/11 plot to investigators (after he was arrested in 2001 on immigration charges) yelled at the Jury as they left the court to decide his fate, "God Curse you all!" Smart. But then again, this is the same guy who testified he bought a radio in jail so he could hear the disaster as it played out on the news and was overjoyed at the carnage is caused. He could get life in prison or the death penalty.

3/28/06 - Catholic Senator Ted Kennedy crows success after convincing other members of the Judicial committee (the same Senate group that approves or rejects Supreme Court appointees) to allow illegal immigrants to get American citizenship if they pay a fine a jump through a few other hoops. The amnesty is would eventually apply to an estimated 11 to 30 million illegals that have invaded the US. A similar amnesty in the 1980s lead to the existing flood of illegal immigration. Current projections indicate that if Senate succeeds with watering down the tougher House version, the current rates of immigration will add another 200 million illegals by 2045. (There are currently 300 million people in the USA, including the 11-30 million illegals). Illegal immigrants save employers some money, but cost the tax payers billions in hospital, school, and prison costs (29% of Federal Prisoners are non-citizens). In the early version of Why No Revival? , Chick points out that almost all the Mexican immigrants are Catholics, and they will eventually outnumber Protestants (see above projections).

An Islamic convert to Christianity is spared the death penalty but will be exiled from Afghanistan and away from his children. He was "turned in" to authorities by his Islamic wife over a child custody dispute.

3/23/ 06 - A group of so called "Christian peace activists" were liberated by our troops in a surprise raid. The only thanks the soldiers got for risking their lives were more condemnations on the activist's website for occupying the former dictatorship. For Christians, the rule is supposed to be "turn the other cheek"... not slap it.

Florida Legislators consider giving children of illegal immigrants in-state college tuition rates, which are subsidized by taxpayers by $8,000. This means only the Americans from 49 other states have to pay the actual costs. Illegals who break the law and sneak in will get a discount.

3/22/06 - An Afgan Christian is sent to trial where he faces the death penalty for converting to Christiantiy. His former wife turned him in to win custody of the kids. See Chick's The Story Teller.

3/14/06 - The Netherlands starts to require immigrants to view a film about Holland which includes scenes of gay men kissing. See Chick's Sin City.

3/12/06 - A convicted killer of a homeless man is freed from jail in California. Last year, the Governor vetoed it, but this time he did not. The killer is a recently ordained priest in the Episcopal church (they accepted him to seminary as a prisoner).

3/8/06 - Spokane Wa- The Bishop that helped settle the $46 million settlement for victims of gay priests has just had a claim made against him... this time by a woman! (She claims she was abused when she was 18.)

Three college students are arrested for the burning of Alabama churches. Contrary to the hype, it wasn't racially motivated-- they did it as a prank. They'll get plenty of time to yuck it up in prison.

3/7/06 - I watched Speilburg's Munich film. It chronicled Israel's secret assassination program of suspected terrorist leaders after the Olympic attack in 1972 by Black September. Some of the targets were guilty of the crimes, but others were not. It seems to suggest that Israel's leaders at the time were guilty of the same war crimes that various Nazi's have been prosecuted for 50 years after the fact. (E.g., the execution of suspects without a fair trail.) Israel continues a modern assassination program despite the controversy or UN condemnation. For their side of the story, see Chick's The Sky Lighter.

3/5/06 - Hollywood studios pass out Oscars for what they think were the best movies. The big award winners were movies on racism, gay cowboys, and gay crime writers. The public had a different opinion, however, and stayed away from the award winning films in droves.

3/3/06- Supreme Court watchers are amazed to see justice Ruth Ginsburg, the former ACLU lawyer, snooze for over a quarter of an hour during proceedings. Maybe she was dreaming of Chick's The Trial.

The founder of Domino's Pizza retracts earlier statements that the community he's helping build in South Florida (called Ava Maria) should follow strict Catholic values. The ACLU threatened lawsuits if no pornography is allowed in the bookstores or TV, and birth control is not be plentiful. You can bet they'll love the 65 foot crucifix that's planned for the public square.

3/1/06 - Lent begins from now until Easter (40 days hence).

Controversy irrupts in Chicago after the city council approves a plan to name a block after militant Black Panther Fred Hampton. Hampton was famous for urging other blacks to "off the cops." He was killed in a shootout with police in the 1960s. Now they want to honor him. (The inmates have taken over the asylum.) Chick used scenes of revolutionaries shooting cops in apocalyptic tracts like Operation Somebody Cares. He thought The Riot to end all riots would come in 1973. When it didn't, the tract was discontinued.

Another discontinued tract has been recently reworked and reissued. It was originally called Four Brothers. The new version was released today and is called Four Angels.

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