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4/29/05 - A defrocked minister won her ministry back from a Methodist appeal court. Rev. Stroud lost it two years earlier when she told her congregation she was having sex with another woman (although she used more flowery language). She may lose her ministry again if the decision is appealed to a higher court.

Doug Winins strikes again! He has a photo on his site that shows what Bill Z. Bubb wants people to do with Chick tracts. http://www.chicktracts.friendpages.com

4/28/05 - The black Muslim US soldier who sided with Saddam during the invasion and killed two officers and wounded 14 other Army soldiers was given the death penalty today. At least he won't have to face the same punishment Islamic courts provide, where the victim is marched out on a blue plastic tarp, forced to kneel, and gets beheaded in front of cheering crowds.

4/27/05 - Democrats in the California legislature vote to change the state Constitution to allow the same sex to marry. Californians voted recently to define marriage as between a man and woman via Constitutional initiative, but the legislature listens more to special interest groups. Nevertheless, it is unlikely Arnold will sign the bill.

4/25/05 - My home state of Florida passes a "Make My Day" law, supported by Jeb Bush. It allows citizens to shoot criminals who threaten them in public places. (We were expected to retreat before if outside our homes, but now the bad guys need to ask themselves just one little question: Do they feel lucky? Well, do you?... Punk?!)

4/24/05 - The new pope is officially installed today in a Saint Peter's square ceremony.

4/23/05 - It was a busy week for Illinois. The Governor passed an edict forcing pharmacists to fill prescriptions for "morning after" abortion pills, and motorists driving under a overpass saw what they determine is a divine water stain. It looks just like... altogether now... the Virgin Mary. (For a virgin, she sure gets around.)

4/22/05 - The Socialist government of Spain that won power because of the terrorist attack last year passes gay marriage in the lower house. Spain is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic, yet the government did it anyway to support their leftest base.

4/21/05 - Senator Andrew McDonald, the gay Democrat who introduced the civil union bill for homosexuals in Connecticut, celebrates as the Governor signs it. Connecticut is 44% Roman Catholic, and the phones have been ringing off the hooks in protest.

Meanwhile, the Texas House of Representatives passes a bill preventing homosexual couples from becoming foster parents.

A military court in Fort Bragg, CA finds a black Muslim Sargent guilty of murdering fellow Americans during the invasion of Iraq. He tossed grenades and fired automatic weapons into other soldier's tents while they slept, killing two of them. The court determined he did it for religious reasons, because he was angry America was invading (or liberating) fellow Muslims. See The Sky Lighter.

4/20/05 - A Vietnam vet spits in the face of anti-Vietnam activist Jane Fonda at a public book signing. Michael Smith (no relation to our Chick Tract Club member and collector of the same name) was arrested for disorderly conduct for coating the actress with tobacco juice. He said later "She spat in the faces of Vietnam vets for 30 years... There's a lot of vets that wish they could do what I just did." Fonda visited the enemy during the war and participated in propaganda films and photos that were used by the communists to slander the US. She was nick-named "Hanoi Jane" for what vets viewed as treason. (Alberto told Chick that the Vatican instigated the Vietnam war.)

4/19/05 - The Vatican College of Cardinals elects a new pope, a German conservative who worked close with the last pope. Joseph Ratzinger will call himself Benedict XVI. In 2000, he prepared the "Dominus Iesus" for pope John Paul II, which stated other churches and faiths were "deficient." It also labeled homosexuality as an "intrinsic moral evil."

4/18/05 - The College of Cardinals in the Vatican meet to elect a new pope. The process can take many days, even weeks. The first day fails to select a new leader.

Meanwhile, a group of liberal nuns demonstrates in Chicago that the selection process is sexists and unfair to women. Like minded news agencies give the otherwise forgetful gathering top billing.

4/15/05 - The Oregon Supreme court nullifies all 3,000 + gay marriages. It's a serious blow to gays (no pun intended).

4/14/05 - A growing number of Catholics attempt to organize a boycott of eBay for allowing the on-line auction of a consecrated host. The communion wafer sold for $2,000. (Chick calls it "The Death Cookie".)

4/12/05 - A new collector posts his thoughts on how best to store Chick tract his collection (His March 6th entry):


4/11/05 - The prime minister of Israel meets with our President. Bush plans on pressuring Israel to honor the road map for peace, and to stop building up settlements in the West bank and around Jerusalem. Israel has pulled out of much of Gaza and dismantled some settlements, but they continue to build others and annex more land by erecting a giant "security fence" across much of the occupied territories.

4/9/05 - Eric Rudolf agrees to a plea agreement to spare his life in the bombing of several abortion clinics and gay bars.

Prince Charles marries his mistress in a civil ceremony. His mother, the queen of England and head of the Anglican church, joins them for the reception.

4/8/05 - For the first time ever in America, the US government officially lowers its flag to half mast for the passing of a pope (John Paul II). France does the same. He was buried this morning in the Vatican.

4/7/05 - The Connecticut Senate passes a civil union law for gays, and the President of the Senate (a Democrat) crows that it is the "first step to gay marriage." The bill would still have to pass the House and get signed by the Governor.

4/5/05 - BBC radio compares the former pope to a former terrorist!? It's true! They did a big segment this morning saying that only one man has the "moral authority" of the former pope. Who? Nelson Mendella, the former leader of the terrorist ANC (a communist group dedicated to the violent overthrow of the Republic of South Africa). During his 1960s terrorism trial, Mendella admitted his gang was bombing the country, but unlike Martin Luther King, Mendella justified the bloodshed. In the decades that followed, he swore never to renounce violence, even after he was released. And he's the only man on par with the pope? Alberto must be loving that broadcast! Haw-haw!

4/3/05 - As the rest of the world heaps praise on the recently deceased pope, Chick Publications finishes printing their latest anti-Vatican book. Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible? The True History of God's Words. It's written by David Daniels and contains over 300 brand new illustrations by Jack Chick. The 160 page book will retail for less than $10 and will be ready for shipping from Chick Publications on May 1st.

4/2/05 - The pope dies and activists in the media try to encourage the Vatican to pick a black pope next with all sorts of "buzz". (The last pope was their first non-Italian, so the Vatican will likely ignore such advice.)

4/1/05 - In an unexpected farewell message to the masses, the pope admits he was The Beast and that Jack Chick was right all along.

April Fools! No, seriously, the news on the pope is actually quite grave. He has a fever and heart problems, and the end could be near for the ailing 84-year-old. Catholics the world over pray for him, as do some famous protestants (including President Bush, who met with him on occasion).

3/31/05 - Terri Schiavo dies after two weeks without foot or water. Brace yourselves for more family feuds as the funeral gets under way.

The pope receives his last sacraments. The Vatican says it does not mean he is dying, and that he's received them before (when he was shot) but it shows they are not taking any chances.

3/30/05 - It's day 13 since the food and water tube was removed from Terri Schiavo and all is quiet here in Tallahassee. The legal options seem to be exhausted by the parents, although they vow to fight on.

3/29/05 - Rev. Jerry Falwell (who founded the Moral Majority) is hospitalized in critical condition for pneumonia and placed on a ventilator. He's 71.

Jessee Jackson visits our town to get in on the Terri Schiavo act. Although he's welcomed to the hospice, he's not allowed in Terri's room. He calls her removal of the feeding tube "inhuman" and "an injustice." The 47th protester is arrested for trying to push inside the hospice. (He's zapped by a taser.)

3/27/05 - Easter celebrated the world over.

3/26/05 - Michael Jackson, a Jehovah's Witness, said prayer is helping him get through his trial, which resumes Monday. "I gain strength from God. I believe in Jehovah God very much,'' he said.

Rev. Jesse Jackson (the one with out-of-wedlock children) told The Associated Press earlier this month that he and Michael Jackson frequently pray together, and he told his audience Sunday that he speaks by phone with the entertainer nearly every day.

Michael Jackson claims "There's a lot of conspiracy going on" to bring him down, and that he is just the latest of several "black luminaries'' to be unjustly accused, citing former South African President Nelson Mandela. (What about O.J. Simpson? Haw-haw-haw!)

Meanwhile, filming began on the Chick Tract documentary. Dr. Kent Hovind discussed his work on Chick's Big Daddy, In the Beginning, and It's Coming tracts. He also helped Chick rework the Primal Man comic book, the newer version which is due out later this year. The film will probably be out in 2006.

3/25/05 - The Supreme Court refuses to hear Terri Schiavo's case, leaving the parents very dwindling options for their 40+ year-old daughter, who's been brain inactive for the last 15 years. Her former (now remarried) husband has ordered her to be disconnected from food and the end could be near. Earlier in a week, a man was arrested for trying to rob a pawn shop for a handgun to kidnap Schiavo. He said those against rescuing her were against God.

3/23/05 - I just heard that Elaine Moses of Closet Witches fame (by Rebecca Brown) passed on. She died Feb 19th of 2005. She had poor health and was bed ridden.

3/22/05 - The Judge that heard the appeal to Terri Schiavo has decided not to return the feeding tube. More twists and turns are expected.

Israel moves forward with a plan to divide the West Bank and build 3,000 new homes to increase Jewish settlements. (US officials urges them them not to, since it will provoke violence and make negotiating a two state solution nearly impossible.) See Chick's pro-Israel view in Squatters.

3/21/05 - Bush rushes back to Washington to sign legislation to reconnect Terri Schiavo's feeding tube. Democrats claim it's just politics. The Vatican says to disconnect her is playing God, while Orthodox Jews feel hooking up to life support was playing God.

Meanwhile, Catholic Officials encourage activists to push to outlaw capitol punishment in the USA, saying recent polls show American Catholic's support of the death penalty is beginning to erode.

3/18/05 - Brain damaged (many doctors say "brain dead") Terri Schiavo has had her feeding tube disconnected despite desperate pleas by the parents and many sympathizers. State and Federal politicians failed to block what the husband claims the wife wanted (to be disconnected if placed on life support). The 15 year ordeal may be coming to close, but last year, the tube was disconnected and reconnected a few days later. So it's still very unclear.

3/14/05 - A Sanfrancisco Judge rules against mainstream marriage, saying "there is no rational justification" to deny homosexuals the right to marry. (How about common sense? Oh yeah-- we're talking San Francisco.) Now it moves up the State Supreme Court.

China declares "automatic war" against Taiwan by passing a law authorizing military invasion of their democratic neighbor when it formally declares independence. (It was occupied by the Japanese, then became independent after WW2 when the democratic Chinese fled there to escape attacks by Communists in 1949.) Meanwhile, spiteful Europeans overturn a 16 year ban to arm China with high tech weapons. As with Iraq, they would rather do business with and support a dictatorship than help a less lurcrative democracy. (Lucky for them that we didn't behave the same way with the Axis.) According to Chick-- as well as many mainstream observers-- the next World War will erupt over an expansionist China invading its neighbors. See Chick's Kings Of the East.

3/13/05 - A new book, Why Women Earn More Than Men, discredits the often repeated claim that women earn 79 cents per dollar that men earn. Written by Dr. Warren Farrell, a democrat who ran for Governor in California, it shows women are in higher demand and can actually earn more than men if they make the same unpleasant choices that their male counterparts do to earn big bucks. The choices include putting in 60 to 90 hours a week, majoring in science instead of liberal arts, taking high risk and unpopular jobs (like prison & cops instead of teaching), and accepting higher financial risk (like commissions instead of salaries). Instead of celebrating the good news, Democrats plan on relaunching another attempt to amend the Constitution with the Equal Rights Amendment. Go figure. See Chick's Something In Common?

A 44-year-old Wisconsin man enters a rented church space at a Brookfield hotel and kills seven of the congregation with gunfire. Terry Ratzmann was supposedly angry at the pastor (one of those killed, along with himself). The Living Church of God promotes End-times beliefs and faith healings, but discourages involvement in politics, the military, or juries.

3/12/05 - On an unrelated personal note, I spent the day playing a Rod Serling hypnotist character in the FSU short film, The Trouble With Fiber Optics.

3/10/05 - A businessman offers to pay $1 million to the former husband of Terri Schiavo if he'll turn over custody of his brain dead wife to her parents (who wish to keep her alive). The husband refuses, however, saying he already turned down $10 million last week for a similar offer. The disconnection order for the feeding tube remains slated for March 18.

Meanwhile, Chick's Kidnapped Tract becomes the day's topic at Cruel.com


It also makes Mystery Science Theater's list of parodies:


3/9/05 - Dan Rather "retires" from anchorman duties at CBS tonight. He had a distinguished 24 year career, until last fall when he broadcast fake documents about President Bush's National Guard service on 60 Minutes. The investigative news program specializes in catching others in lies, but this time, it was 60 Minutes and CBS who had to admit they lied when they claimed the documents had been verified by experts. (They later confessed they accepted them on faith.) 60 Minutes is also the program that did a hatchet piece on Christian booksellers for carrying literature from Chick Publications back in the 1980s.

3/8/05 - Washington State Supreme Court hears arguments to void the state's recently passed gay marriage ban. Homosexual activists seek to overturn the popular law through the courts claiming it infringes on their civil rights.

3/3/05 - An Anabaptist group known as the Hutterites are suing the state of Montana to get "free" Medicaid health coverage. Montana removed them from coverage in 2001 because the group follows a communist scheme that allows everyone to claim they are poor while collectively, they are very wealthy. (They all work for the commune and pool financial resources.) There are 48 such colonies in Montana alone.

3/2/05 - The US Supreme court starts to hear arguments about allowing the 10 Commandments displays in public places. The usual church haters, led by the ACLU, are urging a complete divestment of anything with religious roots being allowed near the government. Couldn't they better spend their time defending a poor child rapist/murderer or helping a terrorist out of jail so they can kill us?

3/1/05 - Details about Dennis Rader, a Wichita man arrested two days earlier as the BTK killer, start to surface. His own daughter suspected his guilt and provided her blood for police to test, yielding a 90% match. The BTK killer terrorized the area from 1975 to 1991. Now Rader is charged with ten counts of murder and offered a $10 million bail. The 59-year-old man is a city employee, a former cub scout leader, and the former president at the local Lutheran church!

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