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These comments are seperate from Chick Memories, because they aren't really memories but are Chick related news or trivia of interest to Chick fans. They usually have something to do with the topics, themes or conspiracies that Chick tracts contain.

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4/28/04 - CBS ignores Pentagon pleas not to air images of prisoner hazing in Iraq on "60 Minutes II". The images were part of an ungoing Army investigation. Army officials said airing graphic images will inspire insurgent violence in a month of heightened fighting. (The network did postphone the show for two weeks.)

4/28/04 - Left to Taiwan for a 20 day visit.

4/27/04 - Two reporters from the Boston Globe release their new book, "John F. Kerry: The complete biography by the ones who know him best." In it, they describe the candidate as a strong liberal who always supports abortion and gay rights. (He was one of the few to vote against The Defense of Marriage Act.) Their surprise revelation was that Kerry's grandparents were European Jews who changed their name from Coen and switched religions before moving to America. This was long before Chick's Holocaust tract claimed the Vatican hated Jews.

4/25/04 - Today's million woman pro-abortion march on Washington fell short by about 700,000 supporters. However, those who did make it included Mrs. Clinton, Mad Albright, and Whoopee! Right wing radio host Michael Savage quipped, "Why do they care about Abortion? Most of them are lesbians who won't get pregnant unless they pay for it." Needless to say, tempers and rhetoric ran high. Who Murdered Clarice? was probably making the rounds as well.

4/23/04 - A Vatican Cardinal announced that Catholic priests should withhold communion from politicians who publicly support Abortion. It was an jab at Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, who was giving a speech about his support of abortion to women's groups. Kerry was raised a Catholic, but supports abortion rights and is angry that Bush outlawed partial birth abortions.

4/17/04 - The IRS has gone after Kent Hovind, the creationist scientist who's videos are sold via Chick Publications. He also helped Chick rewrite Big Daddy, and plans to rewrite the comic book, Primal Man.

4/15/04 - Taxes due today. Meanwhile, the Prime minister of Israel met with our President. Bush endorsed Israel's plan to deny exiled Palestinians a right to return to their homes once a Palestinian state is reestablished. Arabs are outraged that all descendants of Jews from 2,000 years ago have the right to return, but not the Palestinians who were forced off their land in 1948 or as recently as 1967.

4/13/04 - John Ashcroft took the stand at the 9/11 hearings after days of finger pointing by Democrats. He revealed it was the Clinton administration that slashed FBI funds and enacted new restrictions forbidding the CIA and FBI from sharing information. The jaw dropper was when he announced the author of the paper that raised the wall between agencies was none other than one of the Democrats on the commission. (The gal who was the most hostile to Republication witnesses.) This news made banner headlines overseas on the BBC, but didn't seem to get much attention here at home. Perhaps the Illuminati is controlling the media again. Haw-haw!

4/11/04 - Reuters News service published their article on collecting Chick tracts.

4/8/04 - The BBC reports that Catholics around the world nervously await proposed changes in rules for serving the Holy Eucharist. (It was due out on Thursday but held back for unspecified reasons.) Officials are trying to prevent abuse, including rumors that some who took papal communion palmed what Chick calls "the death cookie" and kept it as a Vatican souvenir. Some worry new changes will not allow women to help serve communion.

4/7/04 - A Tulsa area priest wrote and provided an eyewitness account of his visit to Alberto's gravesite.

4/6/04 - WHOA! I came home today to play back a surprise phone message from Jack Chick! He called to say he saw my book on his tracts and it "looked beautiful." He hadn't read it yet, but he chuckled that he saw several titles he forgot making. I just wish I had been home when he called!

4/5/04 - All the media is jumping on the Jesus wagon now. Newsweek's cover story is "Why Did Jesus Die?" (Rest assured, they won't conclude it had anything to do with salvation.) And tonight on ABC, Jennings did a first hour of three devoted to the Jesus & Paul, the origins of Christianity.

4/4/04 - I adopted a new cat from the shelter today. She's an 8 year old Calico long hair who already thinks she owns the place. Her one bad habit is that she likes to bite the mouse. Unfortunately, my computer can't operate without it, so I always have to keep an eye on her. (No name yet.)

4/1/04 - The new Chick book arrived today (appropriately) on April Fools Day. It was two years of work but turned out very nice. I've been mailing the pre-orders and should be caught up in a few days. If you plan on getting one, buy it here if you can, because proceeds help support the web site. You also save postage and sales tax.

3/28/04 - 60 Minutes received a lot of press during the last week for airing a interview with Dick Clark, a counter terrorist expert who resigned after being denied a promotion under George Bush. His book blames Bush for dropping the ball on 9-11. Responding to viewer complaints, 60 Minutes admitted they are a sister company to Clark's Publisher, but they forgot to mention it earlier due to "an oversight." Haw-haw, Busted!

3/27/04 - I was driving home after midnight and was run off the road by a 10' long alligator. The dark creature was crossing the road and I had to swerve hard to avoid it. (One never knows what to expect on Florida roads after dark.) Perhaps the Jesuits put him there, trying to make my death look like an accident. Clever!

3/26/04 - The US vetoed a UN resolution condemning Israel for the illegal assassination of an elderly paraplegic founder of an Islamic group. International law requires the arrest and trial of suspects, instead of extra-judicial murder by the state. The US was the only country to vote with Israel on the controversry, and has now invited their Prime Minister to visit with our President. Arabs are outraged. We better start distributing lots more Love the Jewish People!

3/25/04 - The new Chick book has been shipped and should arrive here next week. I'll be filling pre-orders then.

3/23/04 - A reporter from Reuters News Agency called to interview me about the upcoming book. They say it should appear in about two weeks. (I suggested they call Bob Fowler and Dan Raeburn as well, since they also wrote books on Chick.) We'll link to the article when it comes out.

3/22/04 - The news reported that The Passion Of The Christ was finally beaten at the box office by (of all things) Dawn Of The Dead. It's ironic that both are resurrection films Haw-haw-haw!

3/21/04 - I finally saw The Passion Of The Christ at the theater. Whoever thought it was anti-Semitic must have a pretty active imagination. (Unless the entire controversy was contrived to create a marketing buzz.) It's quite a visual spectacle and adding the Satan and demon characters was a neat artistic touch.

3/19/04 - I drove Fox (my cat) for three hours to Gainesville for a $2,400 operation. Unfortunately they determined an operation would not cure him and he would only get worse. We made him comfortable and pet him for about an hour, then had to put him to sleep. This was the "free cat" I adopted seven years ago thinking I wouldn't spend more than $100 on it. (The latest visits ran $1,300.) But he was a great roommate and well worth it.

3/16/04 - A fourth Baptist Missionary died in Iraq today (from an earlier attack). The "infidels" were there helping with a water purification project.

3/14/04 - The Socialists and terrorists won big in Spain's elections on Sunday. Terrorists killed over 200 Spanish train commuters just before the election, so the general population voted out the ruling party that was previously ahead in the polls. As if to further reward the terrorists, the new Socialist President Elect has promised to remove Spanish troops from Iraq by June (something Islamic extremists have been wanting for months.) Seeing their success in Spain, we could expect similar attacks in the US this October before our elections. Voter apathy could turn into Who Cares.

3/12/04 - I took my cat (a Main Coon cat named Fox) to the animal emergentcy room at 1AM. $370 later, I'm told he may not make it. I'm reminded of the Cleo tract, and the dreaded image of the vet preparing to put the animal down. (He's home resting now, but not eating.)

3/10/04 - Someone in Georgia who joined the Chick Tract Club found us because of a complaint letter sent to him about Chick tracts. (It was a mass mailing by Catholic Answers.) He started checking various anti-Chick websites and found a reference to us. It's good to know the Chick haters help the Chick lovers recruit!

3/4/04- Rich Lee, President of the Chick Tract Club, sent a congratulations card for me to sign and mail to Jack Chick. Apes, Lies and Ms. Henn is actually Chick's 175th new tract story. (He's published more titles than that, but if you combine all the same stories like Jeopardy/Support Your Local Jew and Love The Jewish People, this is his 175th new art/story tract.) Congratulations are certainly in order to Chick Publications for over 40 years of work and 175 different tracts.

3/2/04 - The latest tract, Apes, Lies and Ms. Henn was released. It's a story where Lil' Suzy confronts her teacher about Evolution. It ends with the line, "If you believe evolution instead of Jesus, you'll end up in hell." View the chronological list of all 175 titles.

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