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12/30/05 - A court in Seattle determines that around $500 million in Catholic assets is available for liquidation to settle lawsuits over gay abuse of young men and children by priests. The Church had argued that the land belonged to the mother church and should be beyond the reach of the lawyers. They lost that argument.

12/25/05 - Christmas 2005 is celebrated the world over. Merry Christmas!

12/22/05 - The last of three Dominican Nuns (who went to prison for vandalizing a missile silo in protest of the liberation of Iraq) finishes serving her jail sentence and is released. Chick calls Catholic nuns and priests who agitate for disarmament followers of Liberation Theology. See Fat Cats.

12/20/05 - NPR's Diane Rehm Show did an one hour call-in show on the most influencial independent comic book artists, i.e., top 15. I called to mention Jack Chick, who's independently published more comics than all 15 of the other artists combined (he's sold over 1/2 Billion!). I got through to the screener with 40 minutes to spare... but they still didn't manage to allow my call on the air. Jesuit conspiracy? You be the judge! Haw-haw!

A Harrisburg Federal judge rules against allowing Dover, Pa schools to read a disclaimer acknowleding that Evolution is only a theory to their science classes. Critics accuse Judge Jones of judicial activism, and point out he even took over the cross examination of a witness at one point in the trial. The verdict will not be appealed because the school board has since changed.

12/19/05 - I just found out The Art of Jack Chick earned 13th place in the Amazon's list of top 25 TRULY weird books for 2005. Now that IS truly weird! (Meanwhile, Jeff Godwin's Devil's Disciples earned 5th place.)

12/13/05 - Stanley Tookie Williams, gang leader and co-founder of the notorious Crips, is finally put to death in California after begging for mercy from Arnold "The Terminator" Schwarzeneggar. Williams murdered four people during robberys over 25 years ago but never admitted it, even while trying to say he was "redeemed." Chick believes you must first repent of sin to be forgiven. See Gomez Is Coming.

12/10/08 - Just when you thought the news for Israel couldn't get more scary, Jews start to put the Torah to rap music.

12/9/05 - A lesbian couple in San Francisco wins the trademark "Dykes on Bikes" after the Patent office decides "Dykes" has become a term of queer pride.

12/8/05 - A new study reveals that most Mexicans who sneak illegally into the US do not do so because they need a job. They had jobs but left them to make more money by competing with low-end US workers (who have to charge more to pay for a higher cost of living and more taxes). So if Mexicans are justified in breaking the law in order to earn more money coming to the USA, then why aren't American's justified in enforcing immigration laws so that they can also earn more money as well? Earlier versions of WHY NO REVIVAL? suggested illegal immigration was a plot to overrun the US with Catholics. The number has dramatically grown in the last decade (from 3 million to an estimated 20 million).

12/7/05 - The Republican Mayor of Spokane WA is recalled for soliciting gay sex on-line via state computers. When caught, he tried to take a page from the Clinton play book and refused to resign. Unfortunately for him, however, there was no Republican equivilent to MoveOn.org... He was thrown out by a 2 to 1 margin.

Meanwhile in Massachusetts, citizens turn in the necessary signatures to ban gay marriage in two years. (Massachusetts was a state where three judges bypassed the legislature from deciding the issue by ruling that it was unconstitutional not to allow gays to marry.) It will take two years the gay ban to become law, assuming it doesn't fall victim to more judicial activism.

12/6/05 - Congressman Murtha, the Democrat and former Marine who raised eyebrows when he decided we should retreat from Iraq, declares that the terrorists in Iraq are NOT terrorists, but rather, "insurgents", and that the President should stop calling them terrorists. Meanwhile in Baghdad, Al Queda in Iraq takes responsibility for blowing up ten people with a car bomb. Wait a sec... wasn't Al Queda the same "insurgents" who blew up the World Trade Centers? See Chick's Who Cares?.

The Christian group American Family Association calls off a boycott of the Ford Motor Company after it announces it will no longer subsidize gay magazines by advertising their luxury cars in them. Gay activists are outraged and declare they will only by Suberrus and Volvos... two car companies that support the gay magazines with full page ads.

12/5/05 - Britain begins "civil partnerships" for gays. It is considered marriage in every way except name (that will come later when the opposition is divided). The measure was proposed by Tony Blair's liberal Labor government, and like the other four pro-gay counties-- Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Canada-- it was passed without allowing the public to vote on it. See Doom Town.

12/04/05 - This just in: It turns out New Orleans had scheduled a major tourist event on the day the levies broke: It was supposed to be Decadence Day. (Seriously, no joke.) The mayor thought it was a great idea to bring in more gamblers, drinkers and the usual crowd of party-mongers. Amazingly, this fact wasn't reported on any of the major news agencies, but it is well known by the residents because it was so controversial. The journalists were probably afraid it would conjure up too many images of Noah's Flood, when civiliation was washed away to eliminate sin. See Chick's Killer Storm.

12/1/05 - North Carolina prepares to execute the 1,000th murderer eliminated since the Supreme Court resumed capitol punishment in the US. Amnesty International-- the wanna-be ACLU of Europe-- plans to send bus loads of protesters to attend from Washington. (Won't that contribute to green house gasses?) See Chick's The Execution.

11/30/05 - Speaker of the House of Representatives returns the name of the "Holiday Tree" back to its original title, the "Christmas Tree." The Capitol's Christmas Tree was a tradition started in the 1960s, but was renamed by Paul Pinkerton, a Jewish landscaper who worked for Congress when the Democrats controlled both houses (when Clinton was first elected).

The Church of England ordains its first black Bishop. The new Bishop of York is Ugandan, and his ceremony will include a tribal dance (seriously!) and balloons that state "everybody's welcome." Isn't that special?

Catholic theologians consider doing away with the concept of limbo, where babies and good people who died before Jesus arrived wait for Judgement day.

Security video airs of six well dressed black Muslims vandalizing an Arab Muslim liquor store in Oakland. Other Muslim liquor stores were torched for the same reason.

11/29/05 - The Vatican releases a new policy on hiring of priests, prohibiting practicing homosexuals from joining. After loosing millions in settlements in the "pedophelia" scandal, the commissioned a study that showed the vast majority of abuse (78%) was not sex with children, but males age 16 and over. The new policy does not effect existing priests.

An evangelistic pastor in goes before the Supreme court in Sweden to learn if his sermon calling "homosexuality a cancer" is a hate crime or not. Their law states "no one is allowed to speak in a hateful words against a group." He was convicted in lower court, then won on appeal, but the government challenged that result in the highest court. See Chick's The Gay Blade.

Prof. Norman Finkelstein defends his latest book Beyond Chutzpah on the BBC. He accuses Israel of using smear campaigns to silence critics, labeling those who question Israel's annexation of Palestine and cruel treatment of Palestinians as anti-Semitic. His other book, The Holocaust Industry, claims the Holocaust is hyped and exploited so that the UN will give Israel a pass when they act like Nazis. Such inflammatory claims usually get critics vanquished as Holocaust deniers, but Finkelstein's family died in the Holocaust and he's an accepted scholar. Chick has a different take: See Love the Jewish People and Holocaust.

11/28/05 - The liberal government of Canada falls after just 17 months. Officially, it's due to no confidence in Paul Martin's abilities to undo a corruption scandle, but many Canadians are still furious at Martin's push to legalize gay marriage without any public vote on the matter. See Chick's Sin City.

11/27/05 - A statue of Mary in a Catholic church in Sacramento supposedly sheds tears of blood. One wonders if they did tests what blood type Mary would have.. and if it would match all the other bleeding statues.

11/25/05 - The busiest shopping day of the year. Shoppers literally trample one another to be first in line at various sales, putting MEAN into the MEANing of Christmas.

11/24/05 - Thanksgiving. See Chick's The Missing Day.

11/22/05 - It's International Chick Tract day today! And it started out well with a international phone call from a Chick collector in India. They really do get read all the way across the Chick globe!

Meanwhile, a Catholic Cardinal visits Taiwan on official business. The concern is that the Vatican is about to officially recognize communist China and will abandon its support of free Taiwan. The Vatican is currently only one of 45 countries that recognizes Taiwan as a free nation. See Chick's Kings Of The East.

11/21/05 - The Prime Minister of Israel announces plans to leave the right wing Labor Party so he can start a "center party" that will compromise with the Arabs for peace.

11/20/05 - I receive an email directing me to http://www.wax-work.com/radio/tract.htm - a radio site that does radio dramas based on Chick's tracts, then debates them on the air.

11/19/05 - On my back from the post office, I noticed two Chick tracts left by an witness at the public telephone both. They were both The Missing Day... just in time for Thanksgiving.

11/17/05 - Someone posts a "in search of" listing at Jesuit.org, searching for Dr. Rivera.


11/16/05 - A massive protest in Spain gathers over 1.5 million street marchers. They are angry at the socialist government for proposing to outlaw any mention of God in school -- even religious schools-- except for non-credited religious classes. Most the networks ignore the protest. Spain is officially a Catholic nation (and Alberto's birthplace) but the left wing government won office in a surprise upset after terrorists cowered the public with a devastating bomb blast on the eve of the election.

11/15/05 - The 36 year old princess of Japan renounces her royal status to marry a commoner. This means she can't be come Emperoress-- and leader of Japan's Shinto religion.

11/14/05 - The tenth anniversary of former Prime Minister Rabin by an orthodox Jew is remembered in Israel. Former President Bill Clinton gives a trembling voiced speech where he tells the spirit of Rabin "for all time... we love you."

Bush speaks out against Democrats like Kerry who suggest he deliberately "mislead" (euphomism for "lied to") America about the intellegence that indicated Iraq had W.M.D. He points out such conspiracy theories encourage the enemy and increase attacks. Meanwhile, Senator Kerry repeated his allegations. It looks like they are already preparing for the next election campaign. (Yawn!)

11/13/05 - I just watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose, a movie supposedly based on the real life exorcism of a 19 year Catholic that resulted in her death, and eventually, a trial of the priest for her death. The film told a story similar to Chick's full color comic The Exorcist, and the tract, The Thing. (Both of which are similar to an Exorcisim Alberto Rivera recounts in THE FORCE comic.)

11/9/05 - Iraqi Terrorist bomb a Jordanian hotel and kill over 30 native wedding guests. Arabs are outraged at the bloodshed... even though 75% said they supported terrorism when it was against Americans. Like the old adage goes, what goes around comes around. See Chick's Skylighter.

11/8/05 - Off year elections offer little change. Democrats and Republicans keep the Governorships in each state that they had it before. Unions beat back attempts by Californians to prevent them from using dues for political purposes which those who pay them disagree with, or to increase accountability in teachers. Texas outlaws gay marriage by a 2 to 1 margin.

11/7/05 - African Muslims continue to riot and spread violence to 300 new villages throughout France. One black youth explained the reason was "because they are rich in Paris and we are not." Some news reporters claim the French interiour minister provoked the violence by calling the rioters "scum"... Maybe he should have called them heroes instead? The real so-called "reason" is because two youths were electrocuted when they hid from police in a power station. (Potential Darwin award winners?) France's open immigration policy is certainly paying big dividends. Chick points out that many Muslims take full advantage of Christian nations that take them in, but then show no toleration to Christians once they outnumber them. See Allah Had No Son.

11/04/05 - Chris Thomlinson, the chairman to the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, resigns under pressure by liberals angry at his efforts to reduce left wing bias at the tax payer subsidized network. Thomlinson added one right of center program to PBS, and urged other liberal programs to become less hostile to conservatives and Evangelical, but his efforts met with an angry response from NPR regulars. Enemies attacked the Republican appointee and criticized his leadership. A special investigation and report was launched to discredit him, the results of which will be made public next week. His replacement would do well to learn from his mistake: NPR is dedicated to diversity in all things, but only one political persuasion.

A judge in Oregon rules against gay activists seeking to overturn the popular vote that decided marriage is between one man and woman in that state. The amendment pasted last election and the activists hoped to defeat it in court, but failed.

11/03/05 - Democrats fire the first round to try to torpeedo Judge Sam Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court. Senator Patrick Layhee announces plans to delay confirmation until after Christmas, allowing Democrats more time to review his past cases in search of problems.

11/02/05 - Former President Carter (D) goes on NPR's Fresh Air to promote his book attacking Bush for promoting Christian values in government. He states the wall between Church and state is in danger under the Republicans. He also said he made a "big mistake" as a President in 1976 by saying he was a born again Christian. He went on to explain how he's against abortion, but supported it as a President because it was his job. At the same time, he said he didn't support the death penalty for personal religious reasons, and left the Southern Baptist Convention because it didn't promote women's rights. Finally, he warned Ms. Gross (who is Jewish) that the Christian fundamentalists believe the rapture will force all Jews to either covert or die, a view he personally finds offensive.

Israel announces it will end its illegal assassination campaign of suspected militants only after the Palestinians crack down on terrorism. Israel blew up another two suspects yesterday in a missile attack. A similar attack earlier killed four innocent bystanders, along with the two suspected militants.

11/1/05 - Chick.com releases its latest tract, The Dirty Diamond. It also revamps the website and raises the cost of tracts from 14 cents to 15 cents.

Indonesian Muslims behead three Christian School girls and leave one of the heads outside a newly built church as a warning. The attack occurred days before the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Fitr at the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

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