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12/31/04 - The death toll tops 117,000.

12/28//04 - The death toll from the title wave is revised to 44,000. Disposal of the dead becomes an issue, as Muslim tradition requires burial in 24 hours. Thousands will be tossed in mass graves.

Meanwhile, some snotty UN aid official implies the US is not being generous enough. In fact, America gives more than all the other nations combined-- even though very few stepped up to the plate and provided money when we asked for help rebuilding Iraq. The US government has already committed $35 million in flood aid, compared to the $126,000 offered by France (a country that received no such criticism).

12/26/04 - An underwater 8.9 earthquake causes title waves that kill upwards of 13,000 people in coastal areas around the Indian Ocean. Indonesia and Thailand are especially hard hit. Many of the victims were Muslims washing themselves in the water to purify their sins on Boxer Day.

12/25/04 - Christmas is celebrated around the world. Merry Christmas!

12/22/04 - Chick announces a new tract coming January 3rd-- the title and subject have not yet been announced.

Washington State reverses the earlier Republican win of the Governorship by accepting previously rejected ballots from Democratic strongholds. The reversal was accomplished by appealing to the state Supreme Court, most of which were Democratic appointees. (The same thing happened here in Florida in 2000, but that decision was overturned by the Federal Supreme Court.) The new Democratic margin is just ten votes.

12/20/04 - An Iowa slaughter house in filmed by PETA showing brutal ritualistic killing to meet Jewish Kosher requirements. The cattle have their throats slit, and the trachea and esophagus pulled out with a hook by workers. The animals struggle to get up as they die in agony, lasting up to three minutes. Jewish leaders say the criticism is "anti-Semitic."

12/19/04 - Fox news reports that it's the communist party that is trying to remove Jesus from Christmas in Italy, calling the Vatican a "ball and chain" around local politics. (Chick's Ivan The Terrible credits the Vatican with creating the Communist party to punish the Nazi party, which it also created.)

Meanwhile, in the Vatican, the Pope continues his Christmas tradition of blessing little Jesus statues for children to add to their mangers.

And across the pond, a Catholic woman in Illinois has begun giving public tours of her bathroom door. She claims the swirls in the grain form a close up image of Jesus, which she noticed after praying to help a blind child. (But the child is still blind.)

12/14/04 - The Pope criticizes Italy for downplaying Jesus in Christmas displays. Many mangers have been removed, or else replaced the Jesus baby with Little Red Riding Hood, in order to avoid offending the nation's increasing Arab population.

Earlier this month, Arnold Schwarzenegger undid similar efforts from Democrat Gray Davis, who had renamed the Christmas Tree "The Holiday Tree." Arnold returned the old name of "The Christmas Tree" to the lit tree outside the Govenor's Mansion.

12/13/04 - The jury deliberation resumes and gives Scott Peterson death for the murder of his pregnant wife. But Peterson is in California, a state where many death sentence inmates die of old age. There are over 600 already in line, all costing taxpayers millions in automatic appeals, and only ten have been executed since they resumed the death penalty in the 1970s.

12/10/04 - A Redwood City jury can't decide if Scott Peterson should get the death penalty for killing his wife and soon to be born child, then dumping her overboard in the San Francisco Bay. (The same place I used to fish for small sharks when I lived out there.) His lawyer tried to convince the jury that the wife was murdered by Satanists. (That used to be fate of Mandy in Chick's Poor Little Witch, before he made it open ended.)

12/8/04 - Four people are killed by a gunman who walked onto the stage of a Columbus, OH nightclub and started shooting members of the heavy metal band, Damage Plan. The gunman was then killed by police. See Chick's Angels? (I wonder if they were singing "Embrace Me Love of Death?")

12/6/04 - Mick Macaulay, step father to Dena Schlosser, blames her pastor at the Water of Life Ministries in Dallas for inspiring her to kill her infant. Schlosser killed her baby on Nov. 22nd by cutting off its arms, then calling police. Macaulay claimes fundamentalist preacher Doyle Davidson used violent imagery and told women they possessed a rebellious "Jezebel" spirit, and that they should submit to their husbands. "This further undermines an already fragile ego state that Dena's experiencing," he said. (And if the church won't pay, maybe he can sue the knife manufacturers.)

Hey, wait a sec... November 22nd is International Chick Tract Day. This could be a plot to discredit our great holiday! (Fortunately, no Chick tracts have been reported at the scene.)

Meanwhile, 12 former soldiers fired by the military for open displays of homosexuality file a federal lawsuit in Boston challenging the Don't Ask, Don't Tell gay policy. They claim last year's Supreme Court decision that overturned state laws making gay sex a crime means that the Military can no longer ban it. The current policy was put in place by Clinton, who originally tried to force the military to recruit gays, but then shelved his plan after a public backlash.

12/01/04 - "International AIDS day" is held, providing gay activists the opportunity to take to the airways and drum up support against the disease and also acceptance of their lifestyle. Meanwhile, The United Church of Christ begins a TV ad campaign urging gays to join their church. NBC, CBS and ABC refuse to run the ads, Discovery, TNT & Fox run it.

It seems that ever since the election, instead of accepting the public's rejection of their goals (they lost in every state gay issues were up for a vote, including Oragon), gays are going overboard to force their agenda on America, democracy or not. (Imagine what they would be doing now if the other guy won.)

11/30/04 - A closely divided 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals rules in favor of University Law Schools that forbid military recruiters on campus since they ban gays in the Armed Forces. In response, the Bush Administration had threatened to withhold millions in Federal funding to such schools. However, the court determined the school's policy of refusing access to any organization that discriminates is justified. They did not, however, comment on the military's open discrimination of the handicapped. (Maybe the ACLU will sue them over that.) The next step in this controversy is the Supreme Court.

11/29/04 - A minister is put on trial by United Methodist Church officials for openly practicing homosexuality in spite of her vows not to do so. Rev. Stroud claims she was inspired to be a minister and active lesbian based on the example of Jesus and his "compassion, truthfulness, risk taking and love." (She ignores his chastity.) Leniant Methodist rules allow Lesbians to be ministers, but not if they engage in sex outside of marriage. See Chick's Sin City.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court refused to hear the Massachusetts case where gays are allowed to marry one another. The decision will likely force conservatives to go all the way with a Constitutional Amendment if they don't want gay marriage to sneak into their state "through the back door."

11/28/04 - Leroy Aarons, President of the Gay & Lesbian Journalist Association, dies at age 70. Aarons encouraged other journalists "not to hide behind the mask of objectivity" but to take a more active role in forcing social change (gay endorsement). They didn't need much prodding.

11/26/04 - The Pope returns the bones of two saints to the Patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox (Catholic) Church. The remains were from two church leaders from Constantinople, and a "bone of contention" between the two rival churches. Rome is trying to reconcile the differences between the two separated churches, both of which claim to have an unbroken line of Apostolic leadership back to Paul.

11/25/04 - Democrats attempt to elect a Senate leader that will appeal to the Evangelical (26 million of whom voted for Bush). They select a pro-life, pro-gun, religious man who attends a church with Jesus in the title. Too bad it's the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints (see Chick's Visitors). Nevada Senator Harry Reid appears on Fox and assures viewers that "I don't know a single Democrat that doesn't pray and pray often."

Meanwhile, the ACLU, long known to carry water for the Democrats, sues to stop the playing of any Christmas music-- even instrumentals-- in public places.

11/24/04 - The Virgin Mary Sandwich reaches $28,000.00

11/23/04 - The Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich is on Ebay, and bids have already reached $5100! It was on Ebay last week and drew bids up to $22,000, but Ebay pulled it because its staff thought this was a joke. They allowed it back on after being assured that it was no joke.

Dan Rather announces he's retiring from CBS. The liberal news anchor claims he wasn't forced out, but recent controversy over his story that the President dodged his Vietnam guard duty were based on false documents and caused considerable embarrassment at CBS. Rather plans to leave March 9th.

11/22/04 - International Chick Tract Day is celebrated the world over.

A Ft. Lauderdale congregation at St. Anthony's Catholic church is held up by two gun men with pistols. (No word was provided if the thieves stepped into the confessional afterwards.)

A nephew receives the French hospital's records of the recently deceased Yassir Arafat. He says the records show his uncle wasn't killed "by any known poison" but he also points out no cause of death was listed. Many Arabs believe Arafat was poisoned by the Israelis, who openly engage in a campaign of assassination against Palestinian leaders.

11/21/04 - A new video game recreates the assassination of JFK. Traffic Games releases JFK Reloaded tomorrow on the 41st anniversary of the former President's death. The surviving Kennedy's are outraged. The game is designed to dispel the various conspiracy theories that Oswald did not act alone. (Alberto claimed the Vatican had JFK killed because he turned his back on the Vatican after being elected.)

11/18/04 - The Bill Clinton Presidential Library is opened in Little Rock AR. The section containing materials about his perjury & impeachment is labeled "The Struggle For Power" (i.e., the Republicans were the ones responsible, haw-haw-haw). See Chick's THE ROYAL AFFAIR.

11/17/04 - A Survey of Muslim male immigrants in Europe reveals disturbing results:

* 1/3rd of the males say they believe Islam is the only religion that should be allowed in their newly adopted (mostly Christian) countries.

* 1/3rd believe violence is justified to further Islam.

* Almost 40% believe Europe and the USA "threaten" Islam.]

The semi-recent relaxing of immigration rules has resulted in a flood of Islamic immigrants into Europe, especially in France, Germany, and the Netherlands. (New E.U. rules require even more relaxing of the rules.) Ethnic and religious violence has increased as the Islamic population has grown. Chick made similar claims in Allah Had No Son.

11/14/04 - The Presbyterian church votes to divest itself of any support for Jewish settlements in the West Bank of Israel, because it interferes with peace efforts. Zionists and their supporters are outraged. A note from Queens NY is sent threatening "I promise violence against Presbyterian churches. They will go up in flames, bet your ass that's a terrorist threat." The leadership warns all member churches to be on alert.

11/13/04 A&E's series Cold Case profiles a 1978 Ohio murder of a Christian husband killed by his Wiccan wife. (The story seemed similar to those told by Chick Publication's Rebecca Brown and Elaine Moses.)

She was often upset by those who didn't respect her reading of fortunes and other witchcraft practices. Her husband had told here that "The spirit in me is stronger than the spirit in you." She eventually stabbed her husband to death and cut off his ear, following the revenge ritual found in her occult book. She remarried and got away with murder for two decades... but was eventually caught and sentenced to life in prison.

11/12/04- Left-of-center Senate Republican Arlen Specter finds his chairmanship of the Judiciary committee threatened after warning the President he might not support future nominees unless they are for Abortion on demand. Specter quickly back peddles, claiming he "has always supported the President's nominees", however, conservatives remember well how Specter torpedoed Judge Bork's nomination over ten years ago. Onlookers expect quite a fight, since the next four years could determine up to four justices, and religious conservatives (against abortion) are credited in winning the last election for Bush.

11/11/04 - Dutch officials try to crack down on Islamic fundamentalists after the murder of Theo Van Gogh. The victim made a film critical of Islamic practices towards women. A Muslim radical shot him, slit his throat, then impaled him with a knife that also attached a five page note warning dutch politicians critical of Islam.

The Netherlands has some of Europes most open immigration laws, which allowed nearly 1 million Muslims to move into the small country. Now politicians are considering turning back the 26,000 immigrants wanting asylem upder the liberal rules, and perhaps cutting back on imigrants for the future.

11/10/04 - The man who personified the Arab struggle for the return of Palestine dies at 75. Yassir Arafat, head of the PLO, died in a French hospital. Doctors said they ruled out poison, bud didn't know what killed him. (So how can they be so sure it wasn't poison? Israeli agents were captured in Jordan a few years back using an unknown poison to kill an activist and make it look like natural causes.) Whatever the cause, Israel had been claiming Arafat was the reason they couldn't instigate the Oslo peace accord and roll back the boundaries to the 1967 borders. Now they are already saying more delays will be necessary if ever any changes are made. Don't expect any breakthroughs anytime soon.

By odd coincidence, Chick's latest tract also deals with the Middle East land dispute, from a decidedly anti-Islamic and pro Jewish slant. It's called Squatters.

11/9/04 - Attorney General John Ashcroft resigns from the Bush Cabinet for health reasons. Ashcroft was the popular Governor and former Senator from Missouri who took over the post in 2000. He was also hated by liberals who thought he was too tough on civil liberties after Sept. 11th. He remained popular with Evangelicals because he was a loyal member of the Assemblies of God church.

11/8/04- Another ACLU Alert! This time they're suing the Cobb County School distict in Georgia for placing a sticker on high school Biology books that state "Evolution is a theory, not a fact, regarding the origin of living things. This materal should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully and critically considered." Apparently, the ACLU thinks that is too biased (or not biased enough in the other direction) and is tying up the courts again.

So I guess all the lawyers who just lost their jobs after Amendment 3 passed here in Florida (reducing their share of the malpractice verdicts to just $150,000.00 plus expenses) will have a nearby county to move to and keep suing.

11/5/04 - A 6th province in Canada legalizes gay marriage (leaving only 4 that haven't... yet). As with the other 5 provinces, it was the courts-- not the voters-- that made redefined marriage.

11/02/04 - The election is finally held. Bush wins with 51% of the vote compared to Kerry's 47%. Turnout is heavy on both sides, resulting in Bush winning more votes than any other President in history. However, more vote against Bush than any other President as well-- although Kerry had even more vote against him than any other candidate in US history.

Exit polls reveal that deciding issue was "Moral Values" (especially gay marriage) causing Evangelicals to pour out in record numbers. 57% of voters were against same sex marriage, including many blacks who would have otherwise voted for Kerry. 11 states offered initiatives on gay marriage, every single one lost with large margins. Chick Publications is probably proud that the divorced Catholic who favored gay marriage on a state-by-state basis lost.. but even prouder that the very morals they promote in their tracts seemed to have defeated the liberal Senator by encouraging Evangelicals to get involved and vote.

11/01/04 - Chick Publications releases two new tracts, Squatters and The Little Bride. Both criticize Islam or Arab causes.

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