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These comments are seperate from Chick Memories, because they aren't really memories but are Chick related news or trivia of interest to Chick fans. They usually have something to do with the topics, themes or conspiracies that Chick tracts contain.

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12/18/03- Color proofs of the Chick book arrived. Made minor corrections and faxed them off. The finished book should appear on shelves in March or April.

12/17/03 - Howard Dean stuck his foot in is mouth after saying he thought Saddam's capture didn't help America's fight on terrorism. Madeleine Albright, (Clinton's Secretary of State), also made disparaging remarks, suggesting that Saddam's capture was bad for Democrats and catching Ossama would be worse if it happened before the next election. (Thank goodness, the country was more united fighting Hitler.) They must read a lot of Tony Alamo!

12/13/03 - Saddam was pulled from his spider hole in the desert. Troops celebrate but brace for more attacks as Saddam's loyalists will probably lash out in desperation, now that they their leader and both his heirs are gone for good.

12/1/02 - Howard Dean was on NPR today. He said gay marriage should be up to the states, and if MA wanted to pass it, the Federal Government should not interfer. He also floated several conspiracies, including that Bush knew about 9-11 in advance, and that new electronic voting machines are rigged to helped the Republicans win the next election. (He should check out some of Alberto's comics!)

11/25/03 - Finished the final edit on the Chick book today. I'm told it will take three weeks for the color proofs to be made, then another 12 weeks before the publisher can get the finished copies back from the factory. So if all goes well, perhaps we'll see them appear in bookstores sometime in March. The title will be The Unofficial Guide to the Art of Jack T. Chick.

11/24/03 - Our local Episcopal Church had a meeting to decide what to do about the gay bishop being elected. It decided to switch over to the Anglican Church of America. Time to pass out some Gay Blades.

11/22/03 - The first International Chick Tract day went off without a hitch. We mailed out some press releases and offered some upbeat news stories to counter all the JFK death rehashing. I dropped off a copy of The Vistiors to the local Morman church. (They can toss it in the hat with their Peeping Stone.)

If you passed a tract, be sure to submit the story for our 2003 contest. Right now there's just two entries and three prizes... so someone else will win if just by entering.

11/18/03- Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that since the Legislature legalized gay civil unions, it's unconstitutional to ban gay marriage. Give 'em an inch, and they take nine.

11/14/03 - Philadelphia has joined a list of cities to market to homosexual tourists. They're spending $360 million to attract the homosexuals to the "doom town." What will people think now when they say "the city of brotherly love"?

11/13/03 - Alabama removed Judge Roy Moore from office, saying "no man is above the law, no matter how high they are in the government. He defied a Federal Court. This is about the Rule of Law and nothing else." How funny that Moore's critics (mostly liberal Democrats) were supporting that exact behavior two years ago when Clinton committed perjury in Federal Court and they claimed his impeachment was unfair. Haw-haw!

Also, NPR reported on The Universal Church of the Kingdom Of God, a protestant cult in Brazil that teaches those who attend and give 10% or more of their income will become healthy and wealthy. They supposedly take in over $1 billion a year. (Pretty impressive for a poor country.) The government used to investigate and harass them, but has pulled back ever since 18 members won election to Congress.

11/12/03 - A trial is underway in Alabama to remove Roy Moore from the Supreme Court for displaying the Ten Commandments in the court house. He lost his court battle to leave them there, now his enemies are after his job. (3 out of 4 surveyed by CNN thought the display should stay.)

11/07/03 - The Chick impulse to find conspiracies in everything must be rubbing off on me. Remember the allegation that Ritz Crackers had subliminally written "sex" on the box cover to sell more crackers? I could have sworn I saw a naked woman on the cover of the Death Cookie tract. If you look at the skull's nose real close, it kinda looks like the back view of a woman from the knees up. (You can't really see it on the web. It has to be the actual tract.) Let's just hope she isn't Mary! (As if the tortilla sightings weren't bad enough!)

11/06/03 - The Assemblies of God just published a comic book for children. This is a first for the organization, since it normally discourages children from reading comics. (Yet they are otherwise supportive of Chick tracts.) It's a 20 page comic about a Christian super hero who fights evil for the greater glory of God. You can download it at http://www.pe.ag.org (until the site is changes.)

11/05/03 - David Chick (no relation to Jack) climbed down from Tower Bridge in London and ended his protest "for the father." He was protesting the fact fathers don't get fair treatment in UK courts. He was there (over 120 feet up) for over 6 days. Now he faces up to 9 months in Jail.

11/04/03 - I viewed The Light of The World DVD today. It is everything it is hyped to be and more. The music is wonderfully performed, the narration clear and personable. The art is the best of the best. The beautiful paintings are clear, bright and photo realistic. It's difficult to imagine how the film could be any better than it is. Ignoring commercial considerations, Chick also criticizes other religions in the film, which is sure to make Ecumenical viewers squirm. This film will probably be a more effective missionary tool than Chick's tracts are, and that's no small potatoes.

11/03/03 - Chick Publications released The Sky Lighter today, a tract about terrorists who kill themselves for Islam.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case of the Alabama Supreme court removing the ten commandments. This leaves Judge Moore out on a limb to suffer the consequences for refusing to remove the tablets earlier.

11/2/03 - The openly gay Episcopalian Bishop was consummated-- er, consecrated today. He says he's at peace because he had many conversations with God about tearing the church in two. (You can bet it was a one way discussion.)

11/1/03 - The local Assembly of God church had a "Hell House" this Halloween, a socalled "Christian alternative" to conventional haunted houses. It offered several scenes where departed souls meet the devil and eternal place of torment. They say attendance was good and admission was $5.

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