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2/26/06 - The latest Jesus sighting... in a sheet of metal. For sale on eBay no less.

2/25/06 - Darren McGavin, star of the original 1970s TV show, The Night Stalker dies. He was the closest thing to a TV version of Demon Buster, Rebecca Brown. Chick wrote The Poor Little Witch and Satan's Master based on her exploits.

I interviewed Nury Rivera for the upcoming Chick tract documentary film. Nury is the widow of Alberto, the man who inspired the last six Crusaders comics about Vatican intrigue. She was gracious and very interesting. Only a couple more interviews to go and it will be time to edit!

2/23/06 - Secular rioting continues in Nigeria. This time it's the Christians hungry for revenge for the burning of their churches and murder of their members five days earlier. For the record, the quote is turn the other cheek, not burn it.

And in Iraq, the two Muslim branches esculate their violence toward one another after a sacred 1200 year old Shiite shrine is blown up. (And they were angry at us for letting the museums get robbed?)

2/21/06 - Speaking of free speech (and the lack thereof) the President of Harvard is forced out of office because he questioned why there are not more women interested in science, and even left open the possibility that it may be a gender based factor. Liberal faculty attacked his comments-- even though the rules of scientific investigation require leaving open all possible answers until they are disproven-- and gender considerations for aptitudes in science have never been tested. Chalk up another victory for the enemies of free speech and promoters of political correctness. As a great philosopher once said, "there can be no real search for truth where there is fear of the consequences."

Now a California Death Row inmate has his execution put off until the state decides if lethal injection is "cruel and unusual punishment". Meanwhile, relatives of the young girl who was raped, tortured, and murdered by the convict suffer their own version of "cruel and unusual punishment" as lawyers and ACLU types maneuver the legal system and try to manipulate public opinion to keep the killer alive. Chick tells a similar tale in The Trial.

2/20/06 - Free speech/ Free thought/ & Academic freedom take a hit as British historian David Irving is sentenced to three years in jail in Austria for remarks made over 17 years ago. Contrary to the popular spin, Irving was not a Holocaust denier. He was a revisionist who angered many activists by arguing against some of the questionable claims made in the frenzy for justice/revenge after the war (including claims made that prisoners were turned into soap or lamp shades). He never disputed that Jews were persecuted and executed. However, he did suggest that many of those who died were not executed but victims of disease and starvation. He proposed that the Nazis wanted the majority of their prisoners alive because Germany needed their slave labor. When he suggested gas chambers were actually used to gas clothes and kill lice instead of humans, prosecutors used that statement as a blanket denial of the Holocaust in general. Such politically incorrect thoughts were legal in Irving's country (and ours), but more and more countries are outlawing unpopular views with so-called "hate speech" laws. This is an ongoing concern for Chick Publications, which was the target of similar legal attacks in Canada in 1984. Chick could even run afoul Austria's speech police because he questions the mainstream orthodoxy about the Holocaust. Chick says it was really an inquisition orchestrated by the Vatican. Whether right or wrong, controversial viewpoints should be protected in all civilized nations. See Chick's Holocaust.

2/19/06 - Muslims angry about Danish cartoons of Mohammed protest in Indonesia and attack the US embassy-- but fail to break in. Isn't the US one of the few countries that did NOT publish the cartoons? Go figure.

2/18/06 - Muslims angry over Danish cartoons of Mohammed attack and burn 15 Christian churches in Nigeria. The riot/ rampage lasted 3 hours and killed 15. (That will teach other countries to respect Islam...)

2/15/06 - At least two more die in demonstrations by Muslims, this time in Pakistan. It was the 4th day that demonstrations turned ugly, and one of the victims was a child.

2/14/06 - Happy Valentine's Day.

The trial of Saddam Hussain adjourns, but only after Saddam appeared in court carrying a copy of the Koran. (If Muslims wanted something demonstrate their religion being humiliated, Saddam carrying the Koran would seem a good cause. He did, after all, murder tens of thousands of Muslims and suppress Islam in Iraq for decades.)

A Berkeley study claims the US government is losing $360 million every decade by enforcing the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy (whereby admitted homosexuals are fired by the Army). However, they fail to factor in the health savings, which are significant. Homosexual men have the highest instance of AIDS, which is one of the most expensive diseases for the military's health care system to subsidize. Scholastic oversight or political correctness? See Chick's Birds And The Bees.

2/13/06 - Pro-family activists present their ballot initiative to the Florida Supreme court to allow voters to decide if gays should get all the privileges and government subsidies (like Social Security death benefits) that married couples do. Florida's Supreme Court is notorious for striking down initiatives it doesn't agree with. The nine justices have strong liberal voting records and may decide they don't want the public to have a say in the matter. Otherwise, it will appear on the 2008 ballot.

2/11/06 - Another Alabama church is burnt down by unknown arsonists.

More victims are killed by Muslims demonstrating in the Middle East over unflattering or violent depictions of their Prophet, Mohammed.

2/9/06 - The Church of England apologizes for supporting slavery over two centuries ago. Now the big question is, are they willing to pay out the countless millions in damages lawyers will want to back up that claim of regret?

2/8/06- A 9th Baptist church is burnt in Alabama by arsonists. Half of them are white and the other half are black churches. A similar rash of fires occurred in the 1990s, and (then) President Clinton suggested it was racially motivated. But again, half the churches had white congregations and it turned out the arsonists were black. This time, two white men are sought.

A radical Islamic cleric in London is sentenced to 7 years for preaching racial hatred toward Jews. He also preached hatred toward America, but heck, the BBC does the same thing every day, so no biggy there. The fanatic cleric is said to have lost both his hands an a eye fighting Soviets in Afghanistan. It kinda makes you wonder... How do they finger print or put someone like that in hand cuffs?

2/7/06 - Rioting continues as Muslims vent their anger at Denmark for running cartoons of Mohammed that cast Islam in a poor light. Ten people have been killed so far. Once again, the violent reaction has cast Islam is a far worst light than any of the cartoons.

In efforts that are sure to improve relations with neighboring Israel, Iran announces it will run a contest for cartoons on the Holocaust. Maybe someone should submit Chick's Holocaust. If they wanted to generate even more excitement, they could also include the early version of Allah Had No Son, a tract that not only depicts Mohammed, but also suggests he sexually abused his child bride! (Alas, the current version is toned down.)

The Suburban Chicago News runs a story on someone passing out Chick tracts, and interviews me as a source. It's one of the few accurate stories I've read on Chick in a long time! See it here.

2/6/06 - Lawmakers in several states consider new restrictions on speech to stop the protesters from Godhatesfags.com from disrupting military funerals. Whoever is running the PR department at that organization needs to pull their head out of their gay hole. The military is one of the few remaining organizations that legally prohibits gays. Protesting military funerals to make an anti-gay point makes about as much sense as the NRA protesting the military for being too anti-gun. See Chick's The Gay Blade.

2/5/06 - Syrian protesters burn the Danish and Norwegian embassies of the prophet cartoon controversy. Since Chick's comic book version of the same Prophet is on-line, maybe next they'll set the internet on fire!) The cartoons depicted the prophet with a turban in the shape of a bomb. Protesters say the cartoon "defamed Islam", but how could it insult Islam more than the animal behavior of the protesters? They also ransacked a Christian neighborhood. (That'll teach the infidels to better respect their religion!)

23 Islamic prisoners escape the Yemen prison where they were in jail for various crimes, including the bombing of the USS Cole. 13 of the 23 were Al Qaida fighters. They escaped out of a 140 yard tunnel. See Chick's Sky Lighter,

2/3/06 - Dannish officials scramble to smooth over ruffled feathers of Arabs outraged that Dannish papers carried a cartoon depicting Mohammed. The Muslims are protesting and threatening violence because their religion says no one can show his image (they better not look at Chick's The Prophet full color comic!)

2/1/06 - Just when you thought it was safe to return to the death chamber... Jeb Bush (our Florida Governor) announces he won't sign any more death warrants until after the Supreme Court rules on the latest controversy over capitol punishment. It seems the high court has delayed the execution of the last two killers because they're worried lethal injection is "cruel and unusual." (Keep in mind that the Constitution was written to allow execution by hanging, so they're really starting to grab at straws if they think a shot is worse. If lethal injection is considered too mean, what's left? Tickling them to death? Oy!) See Chick's The Execution.

2/1/06 - The Catholic Diocese of Spokane Washington just agreed to shell out $45 million in damages to "survivors" (did any not survive?) of the molestation by gay priests. That comes to about $600,000 per victim, but 15 more victims are expected to file suit as well. Bishop Skylstad had stated earlier their was no evidence of any abuse whatsoever, but now they've agreed to stop referring to the victims as "alleged victims" and to urge the state to remove the statutes of limitations for sex crimes. They had also argued earlier that their multi-million dollar assets did not belong to them but to the Vatican. The judge didn't buy it though, and all that tax free property will be up for grabs by the lawyers. Other gay abuse settlements include $22 million from the Tucson Diocese, $85 million for Covington, Ky Diocese, $85 million from the Boston Archdioceses, and $100 million from the Orange, CA Diocese. Alberto claimed priests were molesting young boys back in the 1980s, but everyone said he was crazy.

1/31/06 - Judge Alito wins confirmation and is sworn in as the 110th Supreme Court justice.

A three judge panel in San Francisco rules that Partial Birth Abortion ban passed by Congress is unconstitutional. They claim it unfairly limits a woman's right to choose before an infant reaches viability. (Partial Birth Abortion allows the baby to be born partially before killing it.)

The Academy Award nominations are in and the two favorites are both films on gay subjects: Brokeback Mountain (the gay cowboy movie) & Capote (about the flaming homosexual writer Trueman Capote). Maybe there's just not enough heterosexuals out there to support a straight movie anymore. See Sin City

1/30/06 - 22 Democrats vote to filibuster the Senate to prevent an open vote for the latest Supreme Court Justice. It would have been the first time such a tactic had ever been used, even though an agreement was made last year not to filibuster nominations. Senator Kerry and Kennedy led the charge to break the agreement, saying Judge Alito would reverse the high court's support for abortion and racial quotas (aka Affirmative Action). But 72 Senators voted against them. Judge Alito should pass the Senate by 11AM the next day. See Chick's Who Murdered Clarice?

A Mount Vernon, CA school board votes to change the name of their school to Johnny Cockran High School, in memory of the defense lawyer who played the race card to get a fellow black man (O.J. Simpson) out of jail after he murdered his white wife and a Jewish waiter. Let's hope the graduates do something a little less destructive with their lives. See War Zone.

1/26/06 - Scientists discover a planet 20,000 light years from Earth with the best chance of having life. It's five times our size but also made of ice and water and rock.

Muslims boycott international Holocaust day in the UK. They say it's racist because it only recognizes genocide of one group (Jews) but ignores all the other groups that have suffered genocide. Chick believes the Holocaust was a Catholic Inquisition. See Holocaust.

1/25//06 - A Catholic priests "blesses" a Waco, Texas Hooters bar on it's opening day. (Local Protestant leaders protested the bar, famous for scantly clad buxom waitresses from being built.) See Man In Black.

The Senate plans to vote on Sam Alito. He passed the committee vote by 8 to 10, right along party lines. He's expected to pass the senate since Democrats don't have a majority of seats to block him.

1/23/06 - Conservatives win a stinging victory over the liberal government of Canada. Spin masters can't explain it, because the economy is "red hot". But they're ignoring the obvious: It's the first time the government has had an election since overturning traditional definitions of marriage in favor of gay unions. Expect similar results when Spain's government comes up for election.

1/22/06 - The Swiss Guard that protects the pope celebrates 500 years of existence. Recruits must be young, single and Swiss to apply. (And probably Catholic!) As long as they keep wearing those silly red bloomers, they'll probably stay single too!

It's the 33rd anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade, which took away a state's power to decide any restrictions on Abortion on a state by state basis. If it were reversed now, only a handful of states would have enough political support to outlaw abortion (Utah and maybe Oklahoma) but its supporters still use the issue to scare liberals to the polls every election. Gotta love it.

1/19/06 - The official Vatican newspaper runs an editorial praising the court decision that said Intelligent Design in not a science, and should not be taught along side Evolution. It claims it is a philosophical theory or theological belief. However, the court that issued the earlier ruling against Intelligent Design was saying it could NOT be taught as a philosophy course.

1/18/06 - Clarence Allen, the 76 -year-old killer Indian who was blind and in a wheelchair, is finally executed in California. His lawyers said he was too infirm to be executed, but it took an extra shot of poison to do the trick. He had ordered the murder of three people from behind bars. His youngest victim was a 17-year-old girl. He spent 23 years in death row launching endless appeals-- then argued that the letting him live that long was cruel and unusual punishment. (Some people you just can't please!) See Chick's The Frame Up.

1/17/05 - The Supreme Court rules 3-6 in favor of allowing doctor assisted suicide in Oregon. The Federal government had sued the state saying it violated Federal drug laws to use the drugs to kill the patient, but voters voted for it... twice.

1/16/05 - Martin Luther King day is celebrated. NPR features a guest on Talk Of The Nation that urges listeners to follow ALL of what Reverend King stood for, including his anti-war and pro communist beliefs. But just because we honor someone doesn't mean we have to honor everything they represented. King was also a well known adulterer, and not only cheated on his wife, but cheated on his PhD thesis and plagiarized most of it (a fact that was uncovered in the early 1990s by Stanford University, and covered up for several years while they decided if the public was entitled to know the truth). Nevertheless, America has every right to ignore King's serious character flaws and pick and choose what we want to honor. After all, he's not a god. See Chick's Soul Story.

Speaking of famous assassinations, Mehmet Ali Agca, the Turkish mental case who shot Pope John Paul II in 1981, was just freed from prison. He was supposed to be executed for killing the journalist Abdi Ipekci, but then Turkey gave in to pressure from liberal leaning Europe (many of them Catholic) to abolish the death penalty. (Freeing the Pope's would-be killer will show 'em!) He promptly disappeared without a trace.

Evangelist Pat Robertson is excluded from a plan to build a Christian theme park near the Sea of Galilee because he implied the comatose prime minister Sharon deserved his stroke. Robertson said during his Jan 5th broadcast of the 700 club, "The prophet Joel makes it very clear that God has enmity against those who, quote 'divide my land'... For any prime minister of Israel who decides he is going to carve it up and give it away, God says, 'No, This is Mine.'"

1/13/06 - 345 Islamic pilgrims are trampled to death in Saudi Arabia by fellow pilgrims trying to push their way to a site where they pelt stone columns (representing Satan) with rocks. The problem has occurred before, killing over a thousand people in once instance, and hundreds of others in earlier years. Death going to and coming from the pilgrimage seems part of the risk. See Chick's The Pilgrimage.

1/12/06 Virginia Governor Warner ordered the DNA testing to prove an executed man's innocence after the fact. Roger Coleman was executed in 1992 for the rape and bloody murder of his wife's sister. She was stabbed and her head was nearly cut completely off. But the well-spoken Coleman plead his innocence in magazines, newspapers, and on talk shows. Time Magazine put him on the front cover, Pope John Paul II tried to block the execution, and the case drew international attention as another example of our unfair justice system. On the night of his execution, he told the press "An innocent man is going to be murdered tonight. When my innocence is proven, I hope America will realize the injustice of the death penalty as all other civilized countries have." However, the DNA proved he was guilty after all. See Chick's The Execution.

1/10/06 - NPR news analyst (spin doctor) Daniel Shore blames President Bush for the death of the 12 minors in the Virginia mining accident. (I guess blaming him for the Hurricane Katrina disaster, flu epidemic, and 9/11 terrorist attack wasn't enough.) Back in the old days, they would have called it an act of God. See Chick's tract with a similar plot, The Dirty Diamond.

1/9/06 - Confirmation hearings begin on conservative Samuel Alito for the Supreme court. Senator Kennedy (who was once suspended from law school for paying someone else to take his exam) lambastes Alito for not being truthful with his answers. It takes one to know one (haw-haw!)

1/4/06 - Ariel Sharon, the prime minister of Israel, is rushed to the hospital for a life threatening stroke. The 77 year-old later goes into coma. Now Sharon's new party has no leader, and elections are set for March. Sharon is hated by the Palestinians almost as much as the late Yassir Arafat was hated by the Jews (both leaders ordered assassinations against their enemies). He recently left the right-wing Orthodox party because he was willing to return some land back (including the Gaza strip) to the Palestinians -- something hardcore Zionists believe should never be done. Chick agrees with the Zionists. See Love The Jewish People .

12 out of 13 minors die in a Virginia mining accident. The news mistakenly reported 12 out of the 13 lived, calling it a miracle, but this time, the miracle only affected 1... and he's not out of the woods yet.


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