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These comments are seperate from Chick Memories, because they aren't really memories but are Chick related news or trivia of interest to Chick fans. They usually have something to do with the topics, themes or conspiracies that Chick tracts contain.

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2/28/05 - Details about Dennis Rader, a Wichita man arrested two days earlier as the BTK killer, start to surface. Now he's charged with ten counts of murder and offered a $10 million bail. The BTK killer terrorized the area from 1975 to 1991. His own daughter suspected his guilt and provided her blood to police to test, yeilding a 90% match. The 59-year-old man is a city employee, a former cub scout leader, and the former president at the local Luthern church!

2/27/05 - The press continues to be "outraged" that Jeff Gannon volunteered to be a news correspondent at the White House and asked questions that were slanted toward the right (compared to all the left oriented questions). Moveon.org and their supporters report salacious rumors about him. (Weren't they the ones who said a man's private life didn't matter?) See Chick's Royal Affair tract.

2/24/05 - The Pope returns to the hospital with the flu. A hole is cut in his throat to allow better breathing.

2/23/05 - Terri Schiavo gets another stay for another 48 hours of feeding tube.

Europe foolishly decides to break America's embargo and start supplying China with advanced offensive weapons. (The embargo began after the Communist leadership massacred student protesters.) Whatever weapons they buy will almost certainly be used to intimidate China's nears or to attack Taiwan, which could in turn begin WW3. See Chick's Kings Of The East (an out of print tract).

2/22/05 - The Pope releases his 5th book, Memory and Identity, where he writes about the 1981 assassination attempt. He credits God with sparing his life. He also calls abortion "legalized extermination."

Queen Elizabeth decides not to attend her son's civil ceremony, but will attend the church blessing and host the reception. She says the decision was in keeping with her son's wish to have a small ceremony. Royal haters claim it's a snub, but more likely, she feels awkward attending the marriage of two divorcees when she's the head of the Church of England.

The husband of Terri Schiavo wins permission to disconnect his brain dead wife from her feeding tube her in Florida. Then another judge puts it off until 5 pm on 2/23. Terri's family is against letting her die, the husband (now in another relationship) says it's what she would have wanted.

2/21/05 - Gene Scott, the shaggy-haired, cigar-smoking televangelist whose eccentric religious broadcasts were beamed around the world, died at age 75 after suffering a stroke. The longtime pastor of Los Angeles University Cathedral began hosting a nightly television broadcast of Bible teaching in the mid-1970s. His University Network eventually aired a nightly talk show and Sunday morning church services on radio and television stations in about 180 countries. The controversial preacher is survived by a multi-million dollar estate and 300 horses.

NPR includes a piece on their website about Jim Hosler's new Evolution comic, which was supposedly inspired by Jack Chick's Big Daddy tract.

An Assemblies of God Layman named Doug Wead releases taped (supposedly private) conversations he had with George Bush. Bush doesn't deny previous drug use, and says he won't "kick" the gays for political advantage.

A judge finally releases five Christians who were arrested in Philadelphia for walking a public street and quoting the Bible during gay "outfest". The four adults and one juvenile were arrested on October 10 of last year for felony and misdemeanor charges of ethnic intimidation, riot, criminal conspiracy, reckless endangerment, possessing an instrument of crime, highway obstruction, failure to disperse, and disorderly conduct. (This is the first time I ever heard of this, but you can bet if they were arrested for protesting the war, it would have made national news as an attack on Free Speech. See Chick's Sin City.)

2/20/05 - Hunter S. Thompson, the writer who mixed reporting, drugs and fiction is found dead in his home. He is apparently the victim of a self inflicted gunshout wound. (See Chick's No Fear.)

2/19/05 - (This is news from 2/11). A Democrat Representative in Alabama bets $700 that no one can show him a Biblical passage that stipulates marriage as being between a man and a woman. Some one shows him two passages, and he shrugs it off, saying he'll pay $5,000 if they can prove it was "solely" between a man and a woman. (And if we find it, no doubt he won't pay but will keep changing the conditions.)

2/18/05 - An official survey of Catholic churches in the USA reveals over 1,000 more accusations of sexual abuse to minors by clerics in the last year.

An Iraqi terrorist blends in with Sheite (sp) worshippers and blows himself up along with 30 other fellow Muslims. (And to think they got upset when our soldiers searched shines for weopons.)

2/17/05 - Another former Catholic priest is convicted for raping an alter boy. Maurice Blackwell was recently defrocked when he admitted another homosexual relation with a different teen. The one who accused Blackwell in court had actually shot Blackwell three times in 2002, but no jury would convict the (now adult) rape victim. Blackwell has yet to receive his sentence.

2/15/-05 - NPR smugly announces that Alan Keyes' daughter "came out" on Sunday to proclaim she is liberal and gay. Her father had said during his Senate campaign that homosexuals are "hedonist and selfish."

Former Catholic priest Paul Shanley is sentenced to 12 to 15 years for child rape in Boston. (see 2/7/05)

A Muslim woman's Burka in Iran catches fire from a kerosene heater during worship, spreads to building and kills 59.

Catholic Nun Dorothy Stang is shot dead in Brazil while reading the Bible to gunmen who surrounded her. She had been a local activist for 30 years.

2/14/05 - Valentines Day. It's also the one year anniversary for the mayor of San Francisco marrying gay couples. His actions were later ruled illegal and voided, but today he urged gay supporters to elect more pro-gay politicians to overturn the law.

Election results in Iraq give the Sheite (sp?) religious clerics a near majority control in government. The losers are the previous minority led Sunies (sp?), who foolishly thought they should boycott the elections in protest. Now they will have virtually no voice in drafting the upcoming Constitution. (Big hint those who want to run their country: get out and vote.)

2/10/05 - Prince Charles announces his plans to marry his long time mistress/ girl friend. Both are divorced. The Anglican Church (of which he's a figurative head if he becomes King) refuses to hold the ceremony in a church, but will bless the union afterwards. The crown announces that although Charles can still be King, his wife would not be queen (but "Royal Consort"). Oh well, at least she's the opposite sex!

2/9/05 - It's "Ash Wednesday". For the first time in almost three decades, the Pope doesn't preside over Ash Wednesday mass.

A judge determines that a fertilized egg accidentally destroyed in a Fertilization Clinic was legally a person, and clears the way for a wrongful death claim. (Appeals are expected.)

2/8/05 - The BBC discribes Nelson Mandela as "unquestionably the man with the highest moral standing alive." Whoa! That means The Pope and Billy Grayham have slipped to second and third place! I guess they should have been convicted as terrorist bombers and sworn to "never renounce violence" like Mandela if they wanted to have the highest moral authority. (Haw-haw!)

2/7/05 - Defrocked priest Paul Shanly (sp?) is convicted for child rape. (see 1/26/05)

2/4/05 - A New York activist judge rules that the state must allow homosexuals to marry in same sex unions. She claims anything else would be unconstitutional. (Here we go again!) It will now go to appeal. See Chick's Sin City tract.

2/3/05 - Chick releases The Light of The World film in Chinese. (The Chinese communist party still discourages religion for its billion plus citizens.)

Chick fan Kirk Demarais releases This Was Your Life in video form on the web (w/ Chick's permission). It uses the original 1964 oversized version for its basis.

2/2/05 - Liberals in Canada propose making gay marriage legal in all 13 , so it is uniform throughout the country. Currently, only 7 of the 13 allow it. The Catholic church is resisting the measure. Just as in the US, no vote has ever been taken on this controversial measure. The courts have been mandating it "through the back door."

The Pope's condition stabilizes.

2/1/05 - The 84 year old Pope is hospitalized for breathing problems.

1/31/05 - A new survey reveals 35% of Christians use literature (e.g., tracts) to evangelize. It also gives other details about who witnesses the most. For instance, two-thirds of evangelicals (66%) had shared their faith, compared to just two-fifths (41%) of those who are associated with mainline churches. While six out of ten Protestants had shared their faith (61%), less than four out of ten born again Catholics (37%) had done so.

Only half of all born again whites (49%) evangelized in the past year, while almost two-thirds of born again blacks (63%) had done so and three-quarters of born again Hispanics (76%) were active in spreading their faith views. (The survey was conducted by www.barna.org)

1/30/05 - Much to the dismay of the terrorists and their sympathizers (including many anti-war protesters), the citizens in Iraq turned out in larger numbers to vote than Americans did. About a dozen were murdered for their efforts, but millions risked their lives and defied the terrorist threats. Now the Talking "But-" Heads take to the air in full spin cycle to undermine the achievement. (They're the television pundants/ talking heads who always say, "yeah, it's great BUT-- it might lead to civil war" or whatever other dire prediction.) The world waits to see if a secular goverment is elected, or a religious theocracy.

1/28/05 - Walmart is expanding the definition of ``immediate family'' in its ethics policy to include an employee's same-sex partner. (If that's their idea of "ethics," I'd hate to see what they consider immoral.)

Meanwhile, The College Republicans at University of Central Oklahoma begin what they call "Straight Pride Week" on campus. The group has posted fliers on campus that read, "we're here, we're conservative, we're out." Members of the Gay Alliance for Tolerance and Equality say they consider the move an attack on gay and lesbian students. (I guess they don't approve of Chick's The Gay Blade, either.)

1/27/05 - "Cut & Run" Kennedy urges troop withdrawal from Iraq, calling our forces "part of the problem, not part of the solution." (In his book Smokescreens, Chick said Ted was part of the Pope Problem, and also part of the Vatican's Final Solution.) Meanwhile, Senator Kerry (who Ted Kennedy endorsed) complains we're not sending enough troops.

Vice President Cheney flies to Poland to condemn the Holocaust and celebrate the liberation of Nazi concentration camps 60 years earlier. Instead of being grateful for his presence and speech (not to mention Amercia's help in defeating the Nazis) some Jews complain to the media that he wasn't dressed formal enough. Whatever! (Chick maintains the Holocaust was a modern day Inquisition. See Holocaust tract.)

A Mexican immigrant (possibly illegal) faces charges for parking his truck on the railroad tracks near LA to commit suicide, then changing his mind and getting out to watch the resulting train crash kill 11 and wound nearly 200 others. (See The Great Escape tract.)

A Japanese committee tries to decide if a girl can become Emperor. Japan has the longest unbroken monarchy lasting 125 generations, but the current emperor has only a daughter and his wife is 41. The emperor supposedly is a direct descendent of the Sun Goddess and personifies the Shinto religion.

PBS backs down from running the Buster the Rabbit cartoon episode that features gay couples as parents. The episode, "Sugar Time" will still air in Massachusetts and Vermont, two states that have recently catered to the homosexual marriage movement. (Yo, dudes! Educating kids is supposed to be No Child Left Behind, NOT No Child's Behind Left Alone!)

1/26/05 - Cambridge, MA. Former Catholic priest Father Paul Shanly (sp?) goes to trial for the multiple rape of a six-year-old nearly twenty years ago. The (now) 27-year-old former Air Force policeman tells the court that the priest forced oral sex from him in the bathroom and "digitally raped" him in the confessional over the course of many months. Three other accusers were supposed to testify but didn't. About 200 children alleged he had molested them. The 74-year-old priest plans to remain silent and take the 5th. Shanly made a name for himself preaching social justice and gay rights. (When in Rome, do as the Romans do?)

Meanwhile, the city of Atlanta attempts to fine the Druid Hills Golf Club up to $90,000.00 for not extending marriage benefits to the lesbian partner of one of its members. The Republican state legislature vows to step in and prevent the fine because Georgia just pasted a ban on gay marriage. The lesbian couple claims they still won, because the club members now have to pay an extra assessment for all the attorney fees. (Then they wonder why no one wants them in their club?)

1/25/ 05 - The BBC reports that a Polish newspaper reporter is arrested for making fun of the Pope. (Doesn't Poland allow any Papal Polock jokes?)

Rep. Moore (a Democrat from Milwaukee) attends the court hearing of her son. He is on trial for slashing Republican tires to prevent car pooling to the polls. Similar acts of vandalism occured throughout the country last November (including my own front yard). But this time, the culprit was Busted!

1/24/05 - Hindu pilgrims near Bombay panic because of a small fire and trample 300 to death in a stampede.

1/21/05 - Two Christian groups, the AFA and Focus On The Family, criticize a new school video being sent to 60,000 schools which uses popular cartoon characters to encourage kids to accept others that are different. The webpage has them pledge to accept homosexuals and transsexuals as well.

Jewish groups complain that an old letter proves Pope Pius XII told French Catholics who took in Jewish children during the Holocaust that they should not return them to Jewish relatives if they had been Baptized as Catholics.

Bush critics complain his inaguration speech made too many references to helping other countries achieve freedom. Their complaint becomes the top network news story.

1/20/05 - Bush is inaugurated in Washington, much to the dismay of bitter democrats, some of which attend to protest the event. In a effort to embarrass the President, Senate liberals refuse to vote on Dr. Rice's nomination before the event. Senator Boxer (D-Ca) suggests Rice and Bush lied and encouraged the sexual humiliation of captured Iraqi terrorists. NPR reserves a special "Democrat" phone line to insure half the callers to its Inauguration show are angry critics. Meanwhile, the Brittish BBC conducts a poll to prove most of their listeners also dislike the President. So here we are, the very first day of his second term, and the traditional political/ media honeymoon is already over! So much for unity...

One surprising event during the parade was that Bush and his wife walked much of the parade route, despite security concerns and predictions to the contrary.

1/18/05 - Terrorists release the Syrian Arch Bishop kidnapped earlier in Iraq.

1/17/05 - The Vatican condemns the kidnapping of the Syrian Arch Bishop by terrorists who want to inflame sectarian violence in Iraq before the Jan. 30 elections.

1/15/05 - Just when you thought they couldn't go overboard exploiting the Killer Wave disaster, PetsMart is collecting money for the the pets impacted by the flood. Talk about displaced priorities! But look at the said she didn't believe a minister would resort to murder.) This time, prosecutors are relying on demographics to insure a black jury will all but guarantee conviction, regardless of the evidence. Let's hope he really is guilty, because his goose is cooked. (Similar racially sensitive Mississippi re-trials have convicted others on hearsay evidence despite the existence of an alibi.)

1/4/05 - Now critics of the USA are complaining we're throwing money at the killer wave victims in order to "score points with Islamic nations". (We're damned if we help, and damned if we don't.)

1/3/05 - Two married (but already divorced) lesbians from Vermont fight over custody of a daughter born via artificial insemination. Lawyers predict a messy battle with good cash flow. Our sympathies go to the daughter.

Chick released Kidnapped! A new tract with art by Fred Carter.

1/1/05 - The killer wave dead reaches 144,000. The US pledges hundreds of millions more, but critics still complain "it's too little too late." (So you want to give it back to us?)

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