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2/29/04 - Gibson's movie breaks the record for highest grossing movie this year. It's brought in $117 million in just five days.

2/27/04 - I spoke to a local Christian bookstore to see if they carried Chick tracts. The owner said, "Oh no, I made a personal decision not to carry any Chick stuff. He's anti-Catholic-- even against the Catholics who are Christian!" (Even several Christian Catholics? Sounds like he agrees with at least some of Chick's criticisms.)

2/26/04 - NPR's Talk of the Nation took live calls about The Passion of The Christ movie. Their "expert" was a movie critic from The New Yorker magazine, who hated the flick. I was their first caller. I basically said that, like many holocaust films, it uses painful images to deliver its message, and that those who don't like the message are not going to like the movie.

2/25/04 - Mel Gibson's Jesus movie opens today at 12:01 AM. Many of the movie theaters are sold out. It seems that activist's threats of boycotts have backfired. Meanwhile, NPR's David Edelstein wasted no time attacking the movie as anti-Semitic and calling it "A snuff film, the Jesus chainsaw massacre."

2/24/04 - President Bush endorsed a Constitutional ammendment to prohibit homosexual marriages today. Meanwhile, both Kerry and Edwards said they thought individual states should be allowed to permit gay marriage. 2 out of 3 Americans are against same sex marriage. If it were held as a national referendum, the ammendment would pass in a landslide, but since politicians decide, who knows? 38 states must pass it. NY, CA, MA, VT and HI are five states that will likely vote against the amendment.

2/23/04 - Ralph Nader announced he plans on running for President as a Green candidate. Democrats are furious. Maybe Pat Robinson was telling the truth when he claimed God said Bush was going to win in a cake walk. Haw-haw-haw!

2/22/04- Andy Rooney attacked Mel Gibson on 60 Minutes. He said he had a conversation with God and God said "Mel Gibson is wacko... As crazy as Bed Bugs." Rooney didn't explain what it was about Gibson that made him insane, but he referenced the Sawyer interview. Rooney almost lost his job a few years ago when he told a homosexual magazine reporter that he thought gays were sick. He was forced to make a humiliating on-air apology, and is probably anxious to please those who tried to fire him... at the apparent expense of those who supported him.

2/20/04 - The advanced copy of the The Art of Jack Chick arrived today. The 224 page book turned out beautifully and should be widely available in April.

2/19/04 - According to today's NY Post, a store in Manhattan is selling SPIKES which bear Isaiah 53:5 as an inscription, and hang on leather cords. These are licensed by Mel Gibson in advance of the upcoming movie. Mugs and t-shirts are also part of the tie-in. (But no TIES have been spotted so far.)

-Bill F-O-R-W-A-R-D-M-A-N

Thanks Bill. Sounds like an "interesting" collectible. Do they have any crowns of thorns? I think they could really catch on, assuming homees could figure out a way to wear them backwords. Not much of a secondary market, though. (There's too many blood diseases floating around out there, especially in NY.)

BTW, Do you know if Richard Gere is going to license his custom line of Gerbils?

2/18/04 - President Bush told reporters he's concerned about activist judges redefining what marriage is, and he considers the traditional definition as the correct one. He didn't address a Constitutional amendment however, as they are difficult and time consuming to pass. Things are pretty backward when society has to amend the Constitution to stop radical changes from being enacted by un-elected officials. Some judges have worn those black dresses for too many years!

2/17/04 - The former bishop of Phoenix Thomas O'brien was convicted today for leaving the scene of a hit and run death several months ago. The incident occurred two weeks after he signed an agreement to avoid Obstruction of Justice charges for moving gay pediphiles to new churches without warning the authorities or the new parish members about their past behavior.

2/13/04 - The Mayor of San Francisco has defied state law and started marrying hundreds of gays in City Hall through Valentine's weekend. Gay activists are thrilled, but some Democrats are concerned a backlash against same sex marriage will hurt their chances to win the Whitehouse. Imagine the bumper stickers: "Fairy? Vote Kerry!" or "Breeders for Bush & Dick"

2/8/04- Presidential hopeful Wesley Clark, who was born a Jew, raised a Baptist, and converted to Catholicism, spoke to a black Baptist church crowd about being a Christian. Clark said a reporter demanded to know his favorite passage from the New Testament. (The same question revealed Dean only knew Old Testament quotes.) Clark replied that his favorite was John 14:6, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the father but by me." That passage is printed on the inside back cover of every Chick tract. Perhaps Clark saw it while reading Are Roman Catholics Christians?

2/2/04 - A new controversy about Mel Gibson's The Passion movie rages. Some Jews are angry that it portrays Jewish mobs demanding the crucifixion of Jesus (as stated in the Gospel). Now, they're angry the pope was quoted as saying "It is as it was" after previewing the film. One Papal aid denies it, while another insinuates it's true but that the quote wasn't meant for the public. Meanwhile, Gibson is left hanging...

1/27/04 NPR featured Pat Robertson on the Diane Rehm show. He certainly gets points for appearing on enemy territory. Diane's questions were along the lines of "If you think idol worship is bad, then why did Christians pray to the statue of the Ten Commandments at the Alabama courthouse." (Bob Williams, she ain't.)

1/17/04 Grand Canyon officials are starting to carry a few creationist books (along with the conventional science versions) about the Grand Canyon. Seven geological organizations have written to complain. The big question is... do they carry Big Daddy?

1/16/04 Tammy Faye Bakker (now divorced and renamed Messner) was on NPR's Fresh Air. Terry Gross (a presumed Lesbian) cross examined her about her views on gays. Tammy didn't back down, but insisted her gay fans had "agreed to disagree" about homosexuality. She insisted it was a sin, but if they asked for forgiveness and stopped sinning, could still get into heaven. She didn't sound ditsy like she did in other interviews. She also defended her former husband saying he was guilty of the sex scandal, but completely innocent of any financial misdealings he was convicted for. (Heritage USA overbooked condos and Jim Bakker went to jail for what many consider a common industry practice.) He probably related to Framed!

1/13/04 Now Paul O'Neil faces prosecution for revealing top secret documents to a reporter to make his charges against the President. The documents were shown on 60 Minutes.

1/12/04 Former Economic advisor Paul O'Neil published his kiss and tell book on President Bush, where he claims the President was determined to invade Iraq from the moment he took office. He claims Bush wanted to help Israel and was willing to ignore the assassination of Palestinians. (Bush must Love The Jewish People!)

In the 60 Minutes interview, O'Neil acted surprised that his portrayal of the President came across as ugly. It was also quite clear that he felt insulted that he was fired by Bush, and this was a form of payback.

1/7/04 - President Bush gave a speech to promoting legalization of illegal aliens already inside the USA. Although "compassionate", this would undermine basic fairness by rewarding those who broke our laws and snuck into the USA illegally while others wait in line. Even more troubling is the concept that activists call "earned legalization," where those who successfully avoided capture and deportation are eventually rewarded with citizenship. Should anyone "earn" legal status by engaging in illegal activity? (Maybe we should grant amnesty to bank robbers if they will just declare the money they stole and pay taxes on it.) Alberto claimed Mexican immigrants were a Vatican plot to overrun the US with Catholics.

1/7/04 - Billy Graham fell and broke his hip. He is resting after hip replacement in the hospital. As luck would have it, one of my family members is one of his doctors. But he refuses to pass Billy any of my tracts (especially Reverend Wonderful). Haw-haw!

1/2/04 - Fred Carter returns from his long exile painting the hundreds of beautiful images for the Light Of The World movie. Chick's latest tract, Lil' Susy, is the first tract with art by Carter since 1994 (when he drew Allah Had No Son.)

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