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More Catholic Corner (4)

Catholics debate Chick's claims (some wild, some not.)

Mr. KK,

I will bring to your attention the following. The Inquistion had no jurisdiction over Jews. You had to be a Christian to come to its attention. The Jews were expelled from Spain by the Spanish crown for political reasons. In its 300 years the Inquistion was responsible for about 3000 deaths. This does not begin to compare to the number of non-Protestants executed in Germany. In England men like Thomas More and Edumund Campion were executed brutally for the crime of being Catholic. In the US Protestants burned Catholic Churches and murdered Catholics. Take a look at the Know Nothing movement back in the 19th century. Maryland,the only Catholic colony, had freedom of religion until the Protestants took it over. In Ireland millions of Catholics were deliberately killed or starved by Protestants. When you add the number of deaths up the Protestants are the winners for killing more. Sorry for the history lesson, but these are things you can find in secular or even Protestant sources.

A bigot is a bigot. Regardless of their faith. If you read the book The New Anti-Catholicism, written by a Protestant, you will find that anti-Catholicism is the only acceptable prejudice in the US. Why do you think Chick strikes such a chord? He feeds on what is there. In fact their is growing anti-Catholic bigotry. To be a real Catholic means you can't even become a judge nowadays. And please, Kerry is NOT a Catholic. I would never give him communion. He certainly will not defend Catholicism as President if, God forbid, he wins. I have experienced first hand anti-Catholic bigotry. I have been spit on, cursed at, insulted, and ridiculed for being a Catholic. Around the world Catholics are executed in China, beheaded in Sudan, and discriminated against in the US.

If you doubt anything I have written then check for yourself. Use objective sources including non-Catholic ones. You may be very surprised at what you will discover. I wish you the best. God bless.

Fr. Jim

Dear Jim,

The only sources that maintain the total deaths from the Inquisition were 3,000, and that Jews were not victims are ardent Catholic sources. No serious academic believes either claim, any more than they believe the International Red Cross figures that the total amount of the dead in the Holocaust were 300,000.

So I would suggest you check out those sources yourself, and don't ignore all the ones that disagree with your Catholic perspective. It's hard to take your argument seriously that a bigot is a bigot, when you base it on bigoted opinions about the Inquisition. How would a German sound who claimed that the Jews were the bigots, and then went on to say that only a few hundred thousand died in the Holocaust?

I applaud your support of your faith, but I hope there are other basis for that belief rather than revisionist conspiratorial perspectives of history.

Best of luck, KK

Hundreds of scholars? I expect that the Nazi's had hundreds of scholars who said Jews were evil too. Does that make them right? Read the books I suggested, they are by Protestants with no axe to grind, then tell me what you think. Hitler hated the Church and planned to wipe it out? Don't believe me then look up Hitler's Table Talk. He said himself that he hated the Church, didn't believe in it, and admired the pagans who persecuted it. The Vatican has to work with lots of countries they don't like. They have concordats to protect Catholics who live in them. The Secretary of the Vatican State said Hitler would never keep the provisions. He didn't. Goering said that when they were done with the Jews the Catholics would be next. In 1936 the Pope published Mit Brennender Sorge which condemned

Nazism. It was read in every parish in Germany. The Nazi's executed people found with it in their possession. They knew the Church was not their friend and said so. Hitler had plans to invade the Vatican and replace the Pope with a puppet. I can give you quotes if you want. 3000 killed over 3 centuries in the Inquistion was not a good thing. But you blithely ignore the hundreds of thousands of Catholics who were killed by Protestants. We concede that some Catholics have acted sinfully. Should it be that hard to admit that Protestants also have been sinners? Calvin actually helped the Inquistion when Servetus was arrested. When Servetus escaped he was arrested in Geneva. Calvin had him burned at the stake. I really suggest you read Jenkins book The New Anti-Catholicism. He has a chapter on Chick and his ilk. I think if you really look into it you would find some of your opinions are unfounded. That is what I discovered when I decided to dig deep into Church history. Trust me, I promise the Swiss Guards will not break into your home at midnight. They only do that to Jack occasionally to give him a scare. Fr. Jim

Dear Father Jim,

I'm not doubting many Catholics were killed by protestants, but the difference is that the Protestant churches never instigated those killings the way that the Vatican did by running the Inquisition. And that's a pretty big difference.

You believe hundreds of thousands of Catholics were killed by Protestants, yet you only believe 3,000 Protestants were killed by Catholics in the Inquisition? That's not only contrary to mainstream history, it defies common sense! Even the Vatican's latest study concedes that 25,000 "witches" were killed during the height of the Inquisition in Germany alone, and that Liechtenstein murdered 10% of its population for the same reason. See (posted 11/14/04) to check the source.

So I don't think we're going to agree on the basic facts. But I bet we can at least agree that religious violence is never justified, especially in the name of Jesus.

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