Table of Contents to:

The Unofficial Guide to the Art of Jack Chick

(Chick tracts, Crusader comics and Battle Cry newspapers)


Forward (by Bob Fowler.)

Chap. 1: An Army of One (A Chick overview.)

Chap. 2: The Early Years (The origins of Chick.)

Chap. 3: Conspiracies (The amazing tale of Todd, Alberto, and Brown.)

Chap. 4: Why Collect Chicks? (Why Chicks are so unique.)

Chap. 5: Tract reviews and values (Tract summaries and price guide.)

Chap. 6: The Mystery Men (The unknown artists of Chick Publications.)

Chap. 7: Public comments and criticism (Feedback from fans and enemies.)

Chap. 8: Celebrity Comments (Famous folks consider Chicks.)

Chap. 9: A Letter From Jack Chick (The elusive one speaks out.)

Chap. 10: Recurring Themes (Running gags and motifs.)

Chap. 11: Variations & revisions (Updates and goofs.)

Chap. 12: Imitation tracts (Copycat and parody tracts.)

Chap. 13: Make your own Tract (Create your own home press.)

Chap. 14: Full Color Combat (The Crusaders and Sword Comics.)

Chap. 15: The Other Comics (The graphic novels and other comics.)

Chap. 16: Battle Cry! (Chick's controversial newspaper.)

Chap. 17: A Visit to Chick Publications (Behind the scenes at Chick's headquarters.)

Chap. 18: Other resources (More info sources on Chick.)


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