(Western view, long shot at sundown)

From National Geographic's ADVENTURE magazine

Vol. 10, number 1, Feb 2008 (page 64)

12 Tickets To Paradise:

#7 Spanish Wells: "Ride a Bahamian Wind"

THE RESIDENTS of Spanish Wells, a tight-knit lobstering community off the northern tip of Eleuthera, are starting to get used to the kites that whip over their island's aquamarine sand flats. But they still can't quite believe anyone would get wet in the winter, when the wind blows constantly and the water temperature dips into the 70s. Apparently that's not a problem for kiteboarders; in the past years this tiny cay has become one of the hottest kiting destinations on he planet. "It's shallow a half mile out, the sand is like marshmallow, and it's butter-flat-- even at 20 knots and over," says AJ Watson, an Aussie transplant who runs a kiteboarding school on Nassau and took his first exploratory group to Spanish Wells two years ago. "It's a great place to learn."

Game Plan: Base yourself in a rented house on Spanish Wells if you'll be content with simple, just-off-the-boat seafood and nightlife that consists entirely of BYOB "circling"-- a ritual in which residents and visitors drive golf carts around the (two) mile island...

(Western view, close up, midday)

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