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Hi Kurt!
We received our Kickstarter card sets -- Spook Show Series 2 and Horrible Ugly Monsters.  Both sets are fabulous!  Wow!  Obviously a labor of love. Definitely worth waiting for!  Thank you!

By the way, I collected many of the Bob X / XNO / XEX mini comics way back when, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear about the card set.  Love those Krazee Covers! -Dan M., New York

Hay, got my cards yesterter day. I have to say the story on the back of the metal cards is great. Also appreciated the bonus card. The story of the salamander serum is also very fun.
Thanks Ed L.

Ok I got the set today and I have just one word - IMPRESSIVE! I am totally impressed by the attention to detail and quality that you exhibited in helping to create this awesome set of cards!

I really think that you went way above and beyond the call of duty on this one. I can't thank you enough for helping this set to finally be released after so long of a wait. 

I know no one else could have delivered the goods like you did on this set! And I know that all of our work and effort has paid off in a big way!

The base set is cool. I mean I did the art for this set to be sort of simple and in black and white so adding the color enhanced the art greatly. .But the full deluxe set turned out absolutely  awesome! The custom cards blew me away and are so cool.

I mean I would really want to own this set even if I hadn't done the artwork!

So once again a huge thanx to you and your printing crew. I hope this set sells well and there will be a profit margin to reflect the amount of effort and work that it represents!

- bob x

Thanks Bob, we stood on the shoulder of giants... or at least giant monster artists like YOU!


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