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Hippy Come Home: (Plot as spotted on eBay) The story was by Vic Lockman and he obviously tried to pack in as many sins per page as Jack could. This tale about a rebellious youth whose first sin was dishonoring his parents, but the best was yet to come. In Rick's misadventures he meets up with a biker, Two-Stroke, and his horny gal, Korla. All three take off on a stolen bike and head to Hanoi (who has a red third-eye tattooed on his forehead) "The Runaway's Best Friend" the dealer's house to smoke some weed, and watch a guy taking a heck of a bad acid trip. Hanoi explains that everybody is a god and need to escape society's prison, and conformity. Rick retorts some of what he has learned in Sunday school as Hanoi has a rig full of heroin in his arm, a drunk couple hang out in the corner, and Korla plans on making "the saint stumble" by seducing him. Before the party can really get going a cop car ("The Fuzz") pulls up, setting a whacked-out Hanoi off who then stabs Two-Stroke in the gut with a huge blade. Good thing this tract has red tints cuz there's a lotta blood! Hanoi gets hauled off by the coppers, for his subversive record (meaning: pro-Viet Cong), as Rick ministers to the gored Two-Stroke. Just as things work out in most of Chick's tracts, all turns out wonderful as Two-Stroke, and Korla, decide to become "squares" and become born again Christians.

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Rev. 11.22.08

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