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Comments on Don't Let It Happen Here!

Just wanted to let you know that these are some beautiful cards. I'm so excited opening them. I'm trying to limit myself to opening one pack per hr. I can't wait to show these to some friends. Absolutely Love Them!!! - Jim R. (China Spring, Texas)

The cards will compliment the original series as you advertise. Graphic enough but not disgusting. A great set of cards! - Gerry B.

I had more anticipation opening these packs then any in the last few years. - Hoffmaster, NSU card talk
These cards will be another non-sport card classic. - Card Master, NSU Card talk
The cards arrived today! Thank you. They are really great. The art is cool and the text makes a great read. Should be required reading and viewing for everyone. - Rodney
No exageration, these are the best cards of the 21st century. I rank them as #8 on my list of all time favorites (just below Jets-Rockets-Spacemen from 1952!) -Jim G., McSherrystown, PA
Great Stuff, reminds me of RED MENACE. They really deserve to be distributed. -Ditko
I just got done opening the 1st box and reading all the backs. It is probably the most enjoyment I've had opening cards since Topps Universal Monsters or Zina Saunders Native Americans set. The artwork is great! Your information on the back is very informative. I've read about perhaps 1/2 of the things described on the cards, but the rest were quite an eye-opener. I really enjoyed the "Tribute" to Mars Attacks with the #36 card. Also quite amusing was the reference to gum with the sticker on the wrapper!! I am soooo tired of the newer card sets with the sameness of shots from a show or movie with only the chase cards showing any originality. Yours is a set with the enjoyment of seeing the regular original art cards and reading the backs and learning something that you didn't know. Definitely a 60'ish type set I really enjoy!! I hope you have some other ideas to work with this artist! I really look forward to your next project!! Thank you for the Enjoyment!! -Jeff H, Harrisburg, PA
I ordered a set of Don't Let It Happen Here and they arrived today, and my God, they look beautiful!...As one who doesn't really celebrate Christmas, all I can say is this was the best Christmas present ever! -J.G. San Franciso, CA.
CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is an amazing set! It pulls no punches and obviously took some guts to produce.

If you've read the NSU Card Talk on the topic, there seems to be a lot of discomfort at the graphic treatment. I would expect nothing less from so many brought up on TV and movie cards.

Also, thank you for including the Promo card. I'll want to get the other two when possible, as I think this set is an important one for the hobby.

Please know that you have my support and gratitude for this endeavor and hopefully, you will do well enough with them to consider another set in the future. -M. Dancer.

Vivid colors and good artwork, however, these cards are definitely not for everyone! I just took a look at the link you provided, and boy, they are very graphic! While I understand the intent behind the cards - people do need to be aware of the acts depicted if they are ever to stop one day - and the fact that this happens everyday in some countries (the back is very enlightning), I personally am not able to get a set like this. It makes me shiver just looking at the pictures... Good way to raise awareness, though! -Maritine, Card Talk (the NSU discussion board)
Images kinda remind me of Dinosaurs Attack! cards. In your face violence, but there's a message somewhere in it.

I really don't know where to stand on these. Granted they could be considered anti-foreign cards in that they are portraying non-American peoples as only doing horrible things. Then again the backs give info on what horrors are occuring in the world. Doubtful if they list any American horrors that are going on (Mothers dumping babies in trash cans, locking kids up in closets for years, men who kill and admit it get off) So it can go both ways.

I do wonder how these can be considered 'patriotic' though, in that they are showing nothing positive towards the states, just the negative activities of another culture. -PT, Card Talk

I just got my set of these yesterday. I do like this set, the art is reminiscent of Norm Saunders work. The text is very informative, and some of the stories are things you've read about in the papers, and some are things many of us may not be aware of. There are images that will disturb some of the people on this board, but I think overall it is a good set.

The cards have an old fashioned feel to them, but the promos and checklist are glossy. Even if this set isn't your cup of tea, I think that Monsterwax and the artist should be encouraged to create other art sets. -Don N., Card Talk

I've also recently received the set I ordered. I agree with Don. This is a hard hitting set, with no punches pulled. I have heard about some of these atrocities in the mainstream media and even more in the "free press" so as awful as it seems, these things are going on.

Indeed, this set is not for everyone. I've always been partial to sets which inform, so it was a natural for me. The cards remind me of "Mars Attacks", "Civil War News" (as Don mentions) and, of course, the original "Don't Let it Happen Over Here". They ARE amped up in terms of graphics and there is a point to this. We live in a visual society where one picture is worth a million words. If the topic is the slow death by stoning of an accused adulterer, having an image of a freightened person standing in a crowd MIGHT have been sufficient 50 years ago, but would get little attention today.

I don't think it's Monsterwax's intention to be sensational, but they want to get our attention and, in my opinion, they've done this with a very gutsy (no pun intended) set of cards.

I read these twice. My wife, my brother, his adult son and my father have all read these in the past few days and each of them have been informed, disturbed and impressed. That counts for something in my book.

I'd like to see more chances taken with future card sets. Find out what you like in life... and collect it! -Mike F, Card Talk

This is the first new card series I've bought since Uranus Strikes! (in 1986). - Ron G.
The card set and the promos came on Friday. The cards are great. I really like them. Looking forward to getting the prototypes. - David R.
I hope Non-Sport Update magazine will enclose the DLHH prototypes in something, seperate from the other promos and with a warning... the images are quite graphic in this set and not for the faint of heart, definately would get an "R" rating, many people may be upset at seeing these, even as a promo collector, I will not be including these in my collection. - Mtlhddoc2, NSU Card Talk

Yes, it is violent in tone. If that doesn't appeal to you, fine. The people who made "Schindler's List" weren't shooting for the same audience as "Finding Nemo", but there is room at the theater for both.

If nonsport cards are ever to be taken seriously by the rest of the world, then nonsports sets which feature serious subject matter are a step in that direction. -Bill M. NSU Card Talk.

Your comments, pro or con, are always welcome.

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