Tallahassee Ghost Tours


About our summer time GHOST tours:

Q: Is this like other Ghost Tours?

A: NO. Most ghost tours are outside supposedly haunted places. This one is INSIDE our commercial haunt with special effects and historic/haunted artifacts.

Q: Is the Ghost Tour different from the Terror of Tallahassee Haunted House (open in October)?

A: YES. It is located inside the same giant haunt, but the characters and tour are completely different. Instead of running the gauntlet of monsters and maniacs in every direction, the Ghost Tour is slower and creepier. It's filled with horrifying stories that will put your nerves on edge, and you'll see things your eyes can't believe and your brain can't explain. You are basically alone in the haunt after dark, during the deserted off-season, with just your group, our guide, various vermin, and the spirits. Gone are the lights, crowds, and music of October. So expect the unexpected. It's a chilling atmosphere that gets under your skin (and can even creep out the guide)!

Q: How long does it take?

A: Between 45 - 60 minutes. There's a lot of territory to cover...

Q: Are kids allowed?

A: Because of the tragic endings to many of the gory stories, only more mature kids are allowed. So it's up to you, as parents to decide. Parental Guidance is recommended.

Q: Why do this in months other than October?

A: Because we're too busy when the haunt is running to do it in October. Ghost tours allow us to lavish more time and personal attention on each group that we only wish we could do during our busy Halloween season.

Q: If I have epilepsy or Asthma, should I come?

A: If strobe lights cause you problems, then do NOT come, but otherwise, there are no fog machines used in the Ghost Tour. (They are used in October's haunt though.)

Q: If I'm pregnant or have a heart condition, should I come?

A: NO. It would be reckless to subject yourself to deliberate frights if you have either of those conditions. Please play it safe and avoid coming, as much as we would otherwise appreciate your patronage. Read more.

Q: What's your phone number?

A: If you are ready to book a ghost tour or have questions no answered here, you can call us "live" at (850) 591-3080 (between 10AM and Midnight).


Touch and feel actual artifacts from haunted Sunland.

Ghost Girl

Q: Can I use my credit card to buy tickets?

A: YES you may, but only when paying for advance tickets. (We don't have time to run credit cards at the door.)

Q: If I get too scared and exit early, can I get a refund?

A: NO. But the Ghost Tours are easier to endure than the regular haunt, because your personal guide can "dial it back" if he sees anyone in your group is getting to anxious.

Q: Are there any group discounts?

A: Yes, see the "Time & Dates" page for details.

Q: Are video or photo cameras allowed?

A: NO, they are not (once inside). It ruins the dark atmosphere and the spirits don't like it. If you are like most people, you won't need a camera. You'll have a tough time forgetting what you've seen and heard!

Q: Is there free parking?

A: YES, we provide free on-site parking for the duration of your visit to our haunt. There is also more parking along the streets going west of us (Elberta and Hernando Drive).

Q: Have you stopped doing the Haunted House? Is it only Ghost Tours from now on?

A: No, we still do the haunt... but only in October. The off-season Ghost Tours allow us to dedicate the time and attention to every group that we wish could during October. Only one Ghost Tour group is allowed inside at any one time, so our entire focus is on that small group for up to an entire hour. It is truly a unique experience you won't find anywhere else.


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