High School "D.I.Y." Card Contest for

Don't Let It Happen Here!


Making your own cards is a low-tech but effective way to publicize issues that are important to you and educate others about news they might otherwise not know. Classic series like Horrors of War, Fight The Red Menace, and Wanted By The F.B.I. are just a few examples of special interest groups selling a card series while simultaneously getting the word about issues important to them.

To encourage high school kids to learn both modern and historical news items of interest, Monsterwax Trading Cards sponsored a small contest in to award the best examples of both historical and modern news stories drawn in card format by kids. The contest entries were drawn and written in May of 2019 at Irvington High School in Fremont, Ca, and the winners were selected on D-Day (June 6, 2019) by Monsterwax. These were the top 13 entries:

The Finalists!

Below are the top ten runner-ups (in random order), followed by the top three winners.

Rhino Poaching by Katrina R.


Japanese Human Experimentation by Lana S.


Honor Killings by Lilly S.


Nazi Book Burnings by Lilly S.


WW2 Japanese Aggression by Emma T.


Japanese Attack on Chinese Navy by Orquidea C.


Police Brutality by Queen P.


Philippine Vigilantism by Katlyn B.


Climate Change Deaths of Polar Bears by Angela W.


Police Brutality by Nathalie B.


And our winners!


3rd Place!

Street Executions in Philippines by Lana S. (A moving reminder that the only victims of vigilantism are not just the targets, but also the innocents who love them.)


2nd Place!

Japanese Mass Executions of Chinese by Serene O.

(A remarkably detailed piece using dramatic colors and highlights. Although the atrocities themselves are well known, seeing it displayed in such a chilling atmosphere makes it difficult to ignore.)


1st Place!

Sexual Assault by Rotherham immigrants by Serene O.

(A simple but very effective design. The girl's distressed expression makes it obvious something is wrong, and compels us to read what it is. The story itself is not well known at all in the USA, perhaps down played by our media the same way it was in England for over a decade, which only allowed the criminals to hurt more victims. It's a timely reminder of the dangers of political correctness and biased news/ censorship. It epitomizes the theme of publicizing important but under-reported stories in an attempt to alert the public to-- "Don't Let It Happen Here!")

And that's just 13 of dozens of great entries! Our sincerest thanks and congratulations to all the artists for their great contributions. We plan to do this again next year, with the winners picked on June 6th (the 75th Anniversary of D-Day).


Do your bit! See all the cards and show them to everyone!

Feel free to email your comments about particular cards for posting below.


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