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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Chaplain Dann's Chick (like) tract: Long Way to The Son

NOTES: The artist style seems to be the same as From Carl to Carla to Christ ("RSL") and Party Time ("Rod"). Here his is uncredited, but Dann hints that someone else drew it by saying "True story by Dann").



NOTES: See how specific names have been blotted out in the above segments, like panel 31, the name of the _____ Arabian

Horse Ranch, and panel #31, the name of the artist "Jack T. (censored)". Who could that artist possibly be? Jack T.---who?

Notice also that panel #24 says Dann was proven "innocent of the fire." Fire? What fire? That's quite a loose end!

NOTE: Many of these same autobiographical details of Dann's life reappear in the full color Crusaders comic, Unwanted.


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