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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Chaplain Dann's Chick (like) Tracts: GOLDEN YEARS

This tract has a particularly interesting back story. Dann said a guard at the prison he ministered in wanted to be featured in his tracts. So he included the guard, along with his wife and brother in this tract. He included their names too. He showed it to the guard and the guard like it, but someone in the prison ratted on them and turned the tract over to the man in charge, who called Dann in and cussed him out for featuring staff in his tract. Dann explained he was just doing what the guard asked him too, but when the guard was confronted with the allegation, he denied it. They wouldn't let Dann minister in that prison any more, or he had to have another chaplain with him whenever he went inside. Chaplain Dann had his former prison/ formerly gay artist (Rob, aka RLS) draw the first tract. After the controversy, Dann crossed out the guard's name in the surviving tracts, and redrew the entire tract himself (as seen below) with a different name. But you can still see the original Rob version elsewhere in this wing.

You'll also notice Chaplain Dann appears in this tract as a lay minister who visits the prisoners. He's carrying his special briefcase full of tracts. When he retired, he donated that briefcase to our museum of tracts. We plan to post a photograph of it along with more information about Dann as this wing expands.




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