113 Tales of Terror

113 Tales of Terror

Illustrated Urban Legends and Short Shock Stories

Gather 'round the campfire kiddies for twisted tales that will raise the hair on the back of your necks! 113 Tales of Terror is a collection of classic urban legends and original shock stories from the darkest depths of Kurt Kuersteiner's twisted brain. You'll hear "true" accounts of The Hook, the dreaded Man Upstairs, and The Creepy Clown. Plus, you'll also enjoy new tales of monsters, murderers, and maniacs, including The Lunatic Eyeball Eater, The Brainsuckers of Saturn, and The Curse of Cannibalism. If the stories don't keep you wide awake, the haunting images will. You'll be tantalized by the gorgeous (and sometimes gory) art of "Scary Terry" Beatty, plus special guest artists Larry Jacubecz, Byron Glickfeld, Sherman Whited, and Chris Terri. You'll be amazed how much horror can be squeezed into a terse little terror tale-- 113 times in a row!

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This book is rated PG13, as it contains stories of murder and violence, and also themes with adult situations.

Includes all the original B/W images that were colorized for the Urban Legends/ Shock Stories cards!

It's a beautiful black & white portfolio book-- with shocking tales of terror on every page!

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